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The music business is easy to get in, but hard to stay in. There is still a lot of work in understanding the part of the business that turns into revenue.” – @Theagencyhq

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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio
Interview: Edwin Sainval

The music business is…
easy to get in, but hard to stay in. There is so much access to beats and marketing it can be beneficial without being a financial. There is still a lot of work in understanding the part of the business that turns into revenue. The good thing about the business is that it is manageable and you can work at your own pace. The bad thing about it is that it is it is hard to find a fan base that will support your music since everybody is just downloading music for free.

Social media is…
a very important tool to get your music out to people. It is a tool every artist should have by their side. The challenge with social media is finding out which tech is best for independent artist. There is still a lot of apps out there other than twitter and instagram that I can use to promote my project. I just haven’t been able to tap into those resources. That is a challenge that I haven’t conquer yet. As we continue to move forward, hopefully my social media will be stronger.

I feel that it is still a high priority to…
make quality albums, however, fans do pick and choose which track that they like. I feel that albums should have strong songs that can be single, but still fit the catalog of the album. My preference is still put together a strong album. I prefer albums because I feel like a catalog of songs has a better chance to be successful. In an album, you can show more range and versatile of what type of songs you can make. Album showcase an artist true talent and skills and gives artist the platform to try something new. As a marketing strategy, I was able to do a pre-release for I-tunes and google play for my album. I sold the album for $5.00. I was also able to sell singles for my album for the pre-release of the album.

I would love to have 5 minutes…
with Muhammad Ali. He continues to inspire and just his story alone is inspiring. What he stands for and his belief cannot be matched. He continues to inspire and motivate for generations to come. Muhammad is the true meaning of being a real man. Real man fight for what the believe is right.

In the music business today…
the industry showcase a lot of flashing lights and theatrics. At times, artist are just putting at material that will live for this year. I feel that for my artistic view, I balance myself by putting out music that will be here for the years to come.

I am most afraid of…
not pursuing my passion The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that I still am putting myself in the opportunity of success. What scares me is seeing time go by and I am not taking steps to doing something that makes me happy.

My personal definition of success is…
waking up doing what you love to do. Success is when you no longer do things for money. The greatest success is when you have a piece of mind. The greatest success story is when I made the JV basketball team in High school. I feel that this is the greatest success story because I learned that you don’t know what happens until you do things. No matter the odds you are up against, your belief has to be strong against any obstacle you go through. I was overweight and short. Through the whole process, people will through stones at you no matter what decision you choose. Not only I overcame, but also had fun in the process.

My overall goal for my life and career is…
to be in a space where I have no worries. I hope to make music and have a peace of mind. Being able to have control of my life and making the decision that best suits me.

3 Ways I Challenge Myself…

1) Exercise 3x a week to keep my body physically strong. It helps move me forward as a goal that I have to have dedication in order to complete everyday.

2) Read a Book – It challenges me to expand my mind and open my thinking on how to problem solve my challenges.

3) Better eating habits – It challenges myself to avoid temptation and helps me work on discipline.

The inspiration that gave me the reason to do music was the recession….
This situation has made me realize that in this recession it is important to have ownership. In this new age that we are living in, people must use other skills to overcome obstacles on a day to day basis. Everybody now has to have a hustle. Whether you cook, clean, fix cars, fix computers, etc. people must use other ways to gain means. My hustle that I can do is make music.

I got my start in music when…
I was young when my father brought me my first trumpet. As I got older, my development for music was transforming. When I was young, I kept a diary/journal under my bed. The writing skills began transforming from writing in my journal to writing lyrics. As I grew older, I realize that my musical talent was growing and I wanted to take my musical skills to the next level.

The next step was going into the recording studio to develop my vocal skills. This helped me have a better understanding on how to create music and understand what it takes to make good songs. Growing up I realized that I had to be the voice behind making the music. I thought that I could be a song writer, but I realized that only I am able to record these songs.

Roll Em (Roll the Dice)…
The song is about people who change direction in their lives. I want people to not be afraid of taking chances like I am with music. Hopefully, this song will help people think outside the box. It took me a couple of sessions to record the songs. I knew I wanted this track to be the first single for the album. This track could not have no mistakes and I didn’t want to go over segments of the songs that I messed up at.

The best word to describe this album is…
a complete album. I feel that the album is complete with chorus and lyrics. For this album, I was able to get R&B vocals that would help complete the songs. What makes this album special is that it really stands in its own class. The material is not formulated for monetary success. My music is here for the long run. I hope to accomplish more opportunities to further my music career. I will market my music through the internet. If opportunities strikes for me to do shows, I will take that opportunity. Using e-mail blasts to promote my singles and video has also been an effective tool.

The Agency Operative

Hamilton, New Jersey….
The music scene is versatile. It is more on the country and rock. There is not much scenery to visit when it comes to the city. The one thing I love to do is watch movies. I get a lot of ideas and inspiration to create new music.


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