I don’t think much about the business side of music.My interest is in making music. I don’t have a record label, I’m not pretty, and I don’t even do live performances, so I don’t have unrealistic expectations about being financially successful in music @directorateband

Episode #386 Live Interview :

Interviewing: C.F. Abbott

I don’t think much about the business side of music…
My interest is in making music. I don’t have a record label, I’m not pretty, and I don’t even do live performances, so I don’t have unrealistic expectations about being financially successful in music. However, I think I’m making great music and a lot of people will like it if they take the time to listen.

One pro in music right now is that technology allows for anyone to record at home..
You no longer need to commit a lot of money for limited studio time to make music. You can really take your time to experiment with a huge supply of tools at your fingertips. Another pro is digital distribution. You can get your music out to the world for free without signing with a record company or investing money to make and sell CDs.

The biggest con I see is getting exposure…
There is so much music available that you get lost in the crowd and listeners will never find it all. Also, with such a large selection of music to choose from, they can be picky about what they listen to.

It’s easy to get discouraged and frustrated…
especially when you’re working alone. I have to remind myself that everything is impermanent. I stay focused on my goals and continue moving forward. The triumph comes when I achieve a breakthrough or complete a goal. There’s great satisfaction in sitting back and enjoying what I’ve accomplished.

If I could spend 5 minutes with anyone…
it would have been David Bowie. He was a huge inspiration for me growing up. His artistry and creativity spoke to me like no other musician. He understood using music to examine the depths of the human experience. He knew how to apply philosophy and spirituality in his music to explore the infinite. Yet, despite being such a genius, he seemed very down to earth. He realized the importance of living a simple life with his family. I imagine that, in 5 minutes, he could lay down some serious wisdom.

Growing up, my parents listened to older music…
like Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley; and they instilled a love of music in me. As we got older, my brother and I discovered modern rock music on our own. I began playing drums at age 10 and playing in bands by age 16. As I listened to great musicians, I felt like I had something of my own to contribute. This inspired me to want to write my own songs, so I started learning music theory and how to play guitar.

Another Compromise
The song “Another Compromise” is written from the point-of-view of a guy watching his friend fall in love with a girl who doesn’t love him back. The guy is trying to convince his friend that she isn’t interested, but his friend is blinded by infatuation. I suppose it’s a metaphor for how we lie to ourselves to feel better about certain things in our lives. It’s the first song I ever wrote. I was in high school and only knew a few guitar chords, so it’s a very simple song. After I built my home studio, it was the first song I recorded. I had very little recording experience, so I used it as an experiment for learning how to record on my own.


My debut album “Insider Threat”…
released a few weeks ago. It’s an album with a lot of depth. I wanted to make an album that is intellectually challenging, but still enjoyable for casual listening. I don’t want the listener to feel like they have to work to get through the songs, but I want them to feel like they’ve been taken somewhere meaningful. The songs express frustration with living in a constrained society, but they also encourage introspective questioning. The music is dynamic. It changes, builds, and intensifies as the songs develop. What you hear at the beginning of a song is often very different from how it ends.

I grew up in Salt Lake City…
which has always had a strong, underground music scene. With my job, I move around a lot, so I haven’t been able to play in a band or participate in a music scene for several years. Recently, I moved to Germany, so it’ll be interesting to see what local bands are like here. As far as places to go, you should go to as many as possible. Get exposed to new things, new experiences, new ideas.


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