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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW THE VON
by Jacqueline Jax

Music That Inspires Us…
I listen to lots of ambient/chill music but then I would jump from death metal to Chopin. Marek, he is more into just listening to healing music, Marek is a practicing yogi. Through the years we have met our own share of different bands, different artist from different genres. In the end is all the same really, only thought that has always crossed my mind is that simply they are just people who have been able to express their talent and make a living out of it.

Success is very different depending on what is is that we are talking about. Most people think success and immediately think material gain. If we are only talking about music then we are being successful, we are doing what we want to do, we have weathered many storms, we have overcome many obstacles. We are firmly committed to our objectives and is only a matter of time until we reach our initial goals.

In The Beginning…
Each one of us basically started with a curiosity toward music when we were teens. Marek in Czech Republic and I in Venezuela. From there on pretty much the curiosity became interest and then passion Before your interview we will be playing your song, tell me the story behind it. What’s it about? Is there a back story about how it was written or recorded? Did anything sad or funny happen during the process. (Be sure to include the MP3 of the song for the show along with your answers.) The initial spark that started this song came from a mutual experience. Marek and I took part in a native ceremony. Long story short after the ceremony, there was lots to come home with to go over and analyze. From that moment on the song began to brew. Nothing to fear is really a song about following through with objectives that could seem impossible to accomplish. But the song at the same time is a way to tell humanity to do the good each one of us is capable of, reach your ultimate potential. here’s a video on the meaning behind the single.

Nothing To Fear…
We just released “Nothing To Fear” as a single. This single has 3 versions of the song plus a bonus track. A total of 4 tracks. But there is an album coming. This is our 1st album and the album is called Ei8ght and is based on a esoteric spiritual beliefs. But by no means this is your local Spa’s meditation music cd. In numerology the number 8 has a powerful meaning and symbolism, we felt that this encapsulated very well the whole concept and time period this album was written. For us what is special about it is like asking a parent what is special about their own child, everything about this album is special. The question is what would the listener find special? That is the ultimate goal of this album, we want people to connect with our music and enjoy it as much as we do.

South Florida…
has a very eclectic range of bands, you got your washboard bands, indie bands, latin rock bands, country, singer songwriters, and of course hip hop. There is a lot of variety, and then you got your other Floridian music staples like punk rock, hard core, death metal, and bluesy hillbilly bands. You can satisfy your live music cravings any time.

Trends in Music…
We think that applies more for pop oriented artists , our artistic decisions really come from where we feel that we are being true to ourselves.



The Von is a driven, passionate and forward-thinking band based of Florida. The Duo consists of vocalist / bassist Luis and guitarist Marek, two members who bring their unique personalities and musical background to the table, allowing for a beautiful clash of influence that makes up the sound of this band. The result? A compelling blend of electronica, heavy rock and experimental music that echoes artists the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Tool or Linkin Park, just to mention a few. Valuing great audio production as a way to take the listener on a musical journey, The Von eventually established their own recording facility and went on to self-produce their own upcoming release, “Ei8th”, featuring lead single “Nothing to Fear”.
The band’s music and song concepts are a gateway to different sonic landscapes, cultural flavours, life philosophy and artistic expressions with a broader range: the band is gearing up to further the experience through events such as release parties and performances, as well as music videos and tours

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