The Future is 360 Virtual Video

The Future is 360 Virtual Video

Discover what 360 Virtual Video is and how it’s done. Shooting 360 degree video, or virtual reality videos might seem complicated, but it’s not super difficult. The end result is a piece of really unusual footage that reflects your cutting edge creativity for demanding fans who have a thirst for a better experience.

360 Degree video is changing how we look at the world.

Equipment for making a 360 degree video.
Kodak PixPro SP360 Wi-Fi HD Video Action Camera + kit:

Z-standBy Camera Accessories 720-degree Imaging Panoramic Video Capture Bracket Cage PTZ Tripod for Gopro Hero 4 3plus Black :


360 virtual video Shot w/ GoPro Spherical:

Basic Workflow for Making a 360 Degree Video