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The Heroes and Struggles That Inspire Cachet

CACHET means seal of approval or Mark of quality in the dictionary. I am determined to bring quality music to the public and always stay honest because I’m a realist so I feel like music should be based around those areas. I incorporate knowledge & quality in every song I write (hence my name Cachet) to help people not make the same mistakes that I have made or to achieve the same success I have achieved if at all possible.


Pop and Hip Hop Artist Cachet Shares His Thought in Music Marketing

Marketing for the music… industry has evolved tremendously over the years. So I capitalize on The Social Network. A vast majority of the public can be reached through social media, however word-of-mouth remains the best promotional tool ever! Other than that quality music sells itself @CisumEntkansasc Live interview¬† Episode #348 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind …