There is a new group of internet savvy consumers breathing new life to our social media world that you need to know about. Our traditional now over saturated Millennials group has made way for the Generation Z. Download the episode now to learn about this new generation of tech savvy buyers and learn how you can reach them.



Why does Generation Z merit your attention and what you need to know about marketing in 2018?

There is a new group of internet savvy consumers out breathing new life to our social media world that you need to know about. Our traditional now over saturated Millennials group has made way for the Generation Z.

This now identified group designates as Children of Baby boomers (born 1972–1992).

The Generation Z demographic identifies those born between 1995–2014. That means the oldest Gen Z is around 22 years old. They are highly tech savvy, mobile friendly and resulting in this demand for more valuable content in 2018.

This group is also entering the work force so the financial spending and buying power through mobile and voice on entertainment and products will greatly increase in this area.

I’ll be keeping you up dated on where Generation Z lives and which platforms this heard jumps to as they move. Right now look at Snap chat and instagram for more of this amazing power group.

Also as a result of Generation Z music creation is about to reach a new level of production. Whether this will result in a huge amount of quality productions, we don’t know because that is entirely reflective of the kind of talent and skill that will be producing in 2018.

Another factor that I’m seeing is the lack of ability of skilled music makers to define their brand and market themselves.

This leads us to where I’ve been spending a great deal of my time. A.V.A Live Radio has amped up it’s marketing team to boost the connection rates and effectiveness of releasing music to not only this demanding Generation Z but to all the demographics we have been serving in the past.

In addition, we have expanded our list of affiliated radio stations in all the larger markets, improved our filter to release quality new music to our indie filmmakers and turned up the volume on our social media platforms.

Of coarse our music journalists and on board magazines are still getting all of the press releases each week so they can discover new interesting artists to write about.

There have also been improvements made to the mailing list delivery system focusing more importantly on people who interact regularly with our press releases and website content.

Our website SEO score is through the roof right now placing our artists in a terrific google search position with each story we release.

We have lots of surprises and shifts in store for you this next year and I’m so excited about it.


Getting your marketing strategy ready for 2018

I want to encourage all of you to look at ways that you can produce more video content for your social media pages and improve your websites.

Video is a crucial step in staying relevant to Generation Z, it’s also in high demand right now across facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, periscope, instagram, twitter and also some new apps that will be coming to 2018 that I will be reporting on as they become relevant to your marketing efforts.

Streaming services such as Spotify, iTunes apple music, google play, amazon, tidal, pandora, soundcloud are important for you to also focus on as we utilize those play links in different social arenas and embedded into websites where people can listen to the music without leaving the page or platform they are on during a mobile visit.

Unfortunately reverbnation is not going to be included in our 2018 tech savvy crunch as they haven’t been able to stay relevant, their costs are very high for indie artists and as their links aren’t very compatible in the mobile space, we don’t find them to be as valuable as the rest at this point. I don’t even think they will be moving forward fast enough to be relevant in 2018.

Things that you should be paying close attention to are:

Augmented reality..

Apple announced the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. Both devices incorporate a new chip that allows the phones to provide users with extraordinary augmented reality experiences. While augmented reality will have its initial impact on mobile gaming, it is likely that social media platforms will find ways to incorporate the new technology as well.

For example, it’s conceivable that Snapchat or Instagram will soon support filters that allow users to take a selfie with a friend or celebrity projected via augmented reality. Similarly, brands could soon project their products into the homes of social media users through special filters.

Increasing the popularity of Instagram Stories

A big social media trend we are about to see in 2018 is happening in Instagram stories.

Over 200 million people use Instagram Stories each month, which is over 50 million more than those who use Snapchat — and Instagram Stories is just one year old! At this rate, nearly half of all Instagram users will be using Stories by the end of 2018. This means that brands interested in connecting with Instagram users must take the time to master Instagram Stories

Influencer marketing & Collaborations:

We are working on arranging, supporting and providing social media support to our A.V.A Live Radio artists who make moves to collaborate this next year. But we understand that it’s not enough to collaborate, you have to understand how a successful collaboration can benefit you and in which way so we intend to work with the artists in our network on getting the mechanics right when you do partner up this year so that the gain is much more effective.

What changes are coming to Facebook for 2018

Advertising in Messenger:

There’s going to be a huge boost in advertising on stories and messenger in 2018 to try to get the attention of Generation Z which will work at first but ultimately drive this savvy group elsewhere. That’s where my detective skills will be valuable to you because you’ll want to jump spaces along with them.

That should be fun because I love new apps.

How the Facebook Snooze button can help and hurt you:

Facebook will need to make some huge changes to keep people on the platform as their numbers are continuing to fall and the recent “Snooze” update has people turning off your posts for 1 mistake.

This is a very unforgiving platform to have as your #1 spot for attention so I would take a look into a few others that may interest you to add into your 2018 strategy.

The good point of this feature is that people who are doing effective social posts will see an increase in traffic and engagement as the noise clears away.

But it’s not a Generation Z network at all so if that’s what your products appeal to, look at those other platforms where they currently play.

With that being said, I’m still pushing big numbers from the platform to websites as a result of spending years building up a dedicated following so if this is your story, then utilize it well and keep checking your numbers.

The #1 most Important marketing tools you need for 2018

Live Streams:

Well produced live streams are going to capture the interest of every platform in 2018 so you need to not only get streaming but you need to really think about how to entertain your crowd and your niche. Who’s your audience? What will they be interested in?

These are really important questions for you to answer if you want to stay relevant. The last 2 years gave your live streaming and you could just about do anything and people would follow you but not the competition is fierce and viewers are much more savvy searching more specific streamer to follow.

So this means if you’re not able to fill a need in your niche, then you won’t see the big rewards that comes from live streaming.

As far as networks, I still love periscope if your just stating and facebook or youtube if you have a following on those platforms. There are also lost of smaller live streaming apps that are still getting people plenty of attention so look at them and see who’s streaming there and what kind of content is doing well that fits your niche.

I have another broadcast coming out on Monday that will outline some Generation Z hangouts that are currently hot and how different social networks will be updating in January to capture their attention in video.

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