Why are brands adding young Influencers to their Marketing and Creative Teams?

Influence of coarse… Millions of followers translates into major dollars.
Lately we have been seeing Instagram and Facebook crack down on paid advertising because they want to make sure that the readers aren’t being sold a bag of goods that they didn’t realize was paid for. 
As a result, Instagram influencers are having to make changes to the way they note paid content and be much more responsible about their claims. But still at the end of the day, the best referrals always come from those people we follow and trust so it makes sense that brands would get on board to become a part of this amazing referral program.

In late August, influencers including 15-year-old Loren Gray (6.5 million Instagram followers) and 16-year-old Nia Sioux (4.5 million Instagram followers) began picturing a new clothing collection they designed for Target.

Part of Target’s children’s apparel line Art Class, which is designed for kids by kids, the new fall collection features clothes inspired by six influencers who not only had a hand in the line’s creation but played a big role in its marketing strategy.
Each influencer used Instagram to tell his or her audience how much fun they had working with Target to create the unique, personal designs.
The result?
Their Instagram posts racked up hundreds of thousands of likes and thousands of comments like this one by lorxlover on Loren Gray’s Aug. 23 post: “I swear I’m going to persuade my mom to buy it.”
The collaboration is part of a nascent trend that’s seen brands like Target, CoverGirl and Band-Aid revamp their influencer strategies, moving away from one-off deals to long-term relationships where influencers help craft product or retail designs on an ongoing basis.
So how do you build, your own influential brand on instagram?

Entertainment branding specialist, Jacqueline Jax lays out her favorite tips to help you get faster results as you build your own following. (

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