Jacqueline_Jax.JPGLeap Buses Hit San Francisco’s Streets This Week
By Jacqueline Jax

Have you ever been on a city bus? These day’s it’s not a pleasurable experience. They are over crowded, stuffy, filled with germs and definitely not the place for privacy. Anyone with eyes over your shoulder can read everything your writing on our mobile devise. The overcrowding in San Fransisco’s public transit system has become a mix of crammed low cost transit and over priced hard to find private cars. Leap is now on the scene offering a mid-cost option on the cutting edge of bus transit taking old NABI buses and refurbished them with plush interior seating, Wi-Fi, USB ports and bar stools for working on laptops. They also run on natural gas. For just over the price of a Starbucks coffee, the experience is a breath of fresh air as the new buses aren’t over crowded as of yet but at a cost of just $6 per ride, there’s no doubt that more buses will be required to accommodate a relaxed space for commuters as this level of transit becomes the locals preferred service. Tickets cost $6 individually or $5 in packs of 20. If you use commuter benefits, you can get the cost down to $4 a ride. The buses are not currently accessible to wheelchair-using or disabled passengers, but Kirchhoff plans to add that in future buses. I can’t wait to see how this services plays out as there was definitely a need in the market.

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