3 Reasons Miami’s Sizzling Tech Startup Scene Is Here to Stay :

The Magic City is now the number two city in the nation for startup creation, with thousands of technology entrepreneurs vying to push the tropical metropolis to the top spot. Venture capitalists aren’t far behind them, injecting hundreds of millions into the fast-growing Southeastern tech epicenter last year alone.

Tech companies big (Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Uber) and small are flocking to the breezy cultural hub—not only to extend their reach into the lucrative Latin American and Caribbean worlds of trade but also to tap into its massive multicultural and aging markets.


Better Together: How Miami’s Co-Working Spaces Incubate Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Serial technology entrepreneur Jose “Hutch” Rasco has always done business a little differently, starting with doing business in Miami. Last summer, he co-founded an innovative co-working space called Building in heart of the city. The year before, he launched a health-tech upstart DotHealth there, as well.


Meet the Social Impact Startups Working For the Greater Good In Miami

In many ways, the Miami Science Barge embodies the hope for a cleaner, greener future for the seaside city upon which it’s anchored. On board the 120-foot-long floating STEM education startup grow the seeds of a sustainable Miami—including an off-grid solar power system, a water-recirculating fish hatchery, and a soil-free vegetable garden, and that’s just for starters.