Building a strong fashion brand can be tricky because it’s easy to get lost on social media wasting large amounts of time marketing in ways that don’t maximize your time investment. Think about planning a strategy that will build lasting relationships with people who are much more likely to help you distribute your products to more people through a nurtured relationship. 

The first year of building your business isn’t necessarily the most difficult because you have more time and room for making mistakes, learn from it and make an adjustment. The risk is much less involved than bad steps that may happen when a lot more money is involved. It’s important to learn your lessons in the beginning and focus on providing value to your customers. 

One of the best pieces of advise I could ever give a new designer is to encourage them to focus their product line. Don’t jump around too much. Decide on your point of view and target in on who is your muse for this collection or this product. Who will actually be wearing it and what would their lifestyle look like. If your line has way to many directions and products, it makes it much more difficult to appeal to a specific market and customer. 

Carefully curate your fashion line down to a select group of pieces that has a clear point of view, focus and collective value to “A Single Customer”.  Think about designing a collection that would make that 1 customer want to purchase and wear the entire collection. Ask yourself how the pieces may tell your story.. How do they work together.. How realistic are they for the customer your thinking of. 

Then make sure each piece is made well and something that you are proud to show. I like to think of a time capsule when I’m developing any product. How will I feel about this work 25 years from now. Will it still be relevant and how will it represent me and my brand? 


Article BY: Jacqueline Jax – Host of A.v.A Live Radio
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The Marketing: 

  • Map every single buyer in the US and start connecting with them on social media but make sure you wow them with your presentation and product.


  • Value: Make sure that both your presentation and product offer huge value and demonstrate the extreme appeal of the product.


  • Get Involved: Don’t just ask for favors. Put in the work to become aligned with the people you want to do business with. Stay in their eye line. Tag them on social media. Watch what they say and comment about and engage with them often to get on their radar.


  • Growth: Stay on your phone and embed yourself into the social media culture to connect with people every day about your products and business. HUSTLE!!! If your not direct messaging at least 20 companies a day to try to wholesale your products, your not working hard enough. Even a no is an answer but make sure your pushing the product into the eye line of the right people.


  • Branding vs Selling: If your to focused on building your brand and not going for the decision makers in the distribution of product, you’ll waste your time. Strategize to get your products into the larger and popular distributors you need to be with rather than focusing on one on one sales.


  • Influencers: Follow, connect and cultivate relationships with popular influencers who may love and wear your product. If you send them a free sample and they wear it, you’ll be golden. If the relationship is developed, they will be more likely to tag you and post about your products on social media free of charge.




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