What would happen if you spend 80% of your time doing the things your were meant to do? It takes time to be creative and if you don’t value your time, you can never focus on your skills. Successful people learn to put a huge value on their time because how you spend your time is directly related to the level of success you can achieve.

Focus on bringing the right people into your life and evaluate how you can bets use your time to advance your skills.

Today we are focusing on some great content that promotes taking control of your life and getting into good routines that will encourage your growth and success.


Five Life Lessons For Every “Entrepreneur”
Going “All In” is Not Always a Sign of Commitment



The Simple 10 Step Morning Routine That Changed My Life
Why we need routines: Routines are not fun. They’re not creative or imaginative. And frankly, I hate doing them. But routines can do a lot of good, if we can get into the regular discipline of practicing them.



The most important advice I was ever given from my mentors

The most important advice I was ever given comes from a few different sources some are great entrepreneurs that have inspired me and others are public speakers with incredible vision for the future .


10 Skill that are hard to learn but will pay off forever: