I am living in New York City
where music is everywhere at the corners of the streets and in the subways. It means there is a lot of talent and dreamers out there.


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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW A’DEM
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Person Interviewing: Abdoulaye Dem

I am living in New York City
where music is everywhere at the corners of the streets and in the subways. It means there is a lot of talent and dreamers out there. But since daily life is about dealing with bills and following one’s passion, the pro stage seems to be for most of them, out of reach. That’s where we all realize how important planning a career is in such situations.  There is opportunities to play in bars but I just think that making it with a staff and a band would guide it more professionally to the high level. That is now what I am working on when getting ahead with future records.

The music business
has radically changed. I would like to say it is easier than ever. But this made it harder than ever to strive. For example, when I just came in to the music, technology was not so sharpened. According to the pros at this time, my style was so classical and should have taken too long to expand in my environment depending on the type of music they use to listen to. So, I have been guided to the ‘Zook” music up on my two primary albums. Then, I had at least two industries contracts opportunities but, since this genre was limited, I just rejected them to not be tied for so long. Therefore, everything changed by the way. But how tough this can be, I keep doing what I like, enjoying myself doing it.

Song name: We’re traveling in the dream
Music Genre: New age
This song is about positivity and hope in lifetime. It is a reminder that everything can change for the better at anytime. You just have to walk out and keep believing. There is a history behind this song: During my trip first to Los Angeles, before I really start meeting my next producers, I met with some friends at my hotel and we went out to downtown for a walk. It is at this moment when visiting the Alley (a very large and big crowd market that came the song)


Link : SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/5dZLEy7oTBmqxKoYaxYCt4

This song is about to give some kind of power and hope to the listener whenever and wherever you may be. It may be a party and rejoicing song, a bed time song or an inspirational one. We’re traveling in the dream just means that in everything we are, dream keeps us alive and helps us move forward. I thought that the essence of this song could be meaningful to the next step of my future album and introduce me to the ones who may really appreciate my style.


I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
I would like to have 5 minutes with Bob Dylan. When I just came to the music, I didn’t know all these names ( Bob Dylan, Dolly Parton…). Some elder friends just aware me about the resemblance of my compositions. Of course, I am not radically going to the same genre! There is some few years ago, after discovering the discography of Dolly Parton that I came to Bob Dylan’s. I just realized how emotional he could be in some songs as I was. And I really like it… so real.


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