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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW TETRYKX
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Tetrykx : Songwriter singer producer rapper
Callum Mcintosh: Bassist
Cameron Watson: Guitarist

The music…
Since I started to produce, write, mix and master my own songs, I have amassed a nice catalogue of material – one album so far, also a mixtape as well as many singles. There are also more songs I have not released yet. Since the start of the year I have improved a lot with my beat-making skills, in particular coming up with this beat sometime in June of this year.

I had an idea for the lyrics, “the devil is a liar”. You may ask “why” ? ; 2017 has so far been a very bloody year and it begs the question what lies ahead? I wrote and recorded this song in less than 3 hours. Whilst i own full rights to this song, it’s only right to mention my friends and band mates Cameron Watson and Callum McIntosh who made musical contributions to this particular track. The song is free to share, download, stream etc. My motive is not about making money with this track. I care about the message and have also written nine more songs that go along with this single as part of a mixtape.

“The Devil is a Liar” was released on the 14th July 2017 and the single “One and All” followed on the 21st July. There will be a third single to promptly follow, the title of which shall be announced by the 28th July. The previously mentioned 6 track mixtape will be with the band “The Tempest” which I am part of .i am very happy and grateful and thankful to be part of the music scene and with these guys at my side I hope we can make music that will help to inspire others to aim high and work hard to achieve their goals ,as other artists have help me to dig deep .”My determination not to fail is the fuel i will use to prevail” . That’s what my moto at the start that that is still and will be my moto as long as I am in music .Friends “concentrating on now is in essence preparing for the future” .



Song name: The Devil Is a Liar
Music Genre: hiphop/rock
For those who read, nope, study the good book, they will know that The Bible is quite emphatic about the devil and his fate. He is a dead man walking, a roaring lion seeking whom he can devour. He is certainly not mankind’s friend. He has been depicted in many ways and forms and called by many names. I am not a practicing Christian, however I believe in Jesus and so what he has said about the devil and his tricks is playing out itself in our times.

We are much more colder to each other, the levels of greed are astronomical and where there is greed there is great poverty. Everything that was once good now seems to be deemed a bad thing, morals that kept family’s in check and together have been consigned to the “that was a different time” basket. Many would like to make us believe that the devil is our friend and that it’s God that is author of wickedness and who is the cause of mankind’s misery’s. We are living in some interesting times, the masses are scared with the gripp of fear in all most every part of the globe and I wanted to find out what or who is the cause of the all this pain and misery and it was charge to me to expose the real cancer to mankind, the devil. He is a liar and a murderer and a thief, and time is ticking. The more time passes, the more desperate he becomes and the more violence and pain you will see in the world. And yes he has his agents, some willful and some who have no idea they are under his control.


Apart from the music…
I have already released as an independent artist which is topical, edifying, elevating inspiring and motivating I have also in the last six months formed a band. So it’s no longer just strictly making music with just digital instruments as a lone composer/producer/songwriter, I now have the experience of these two great talented musicians and the three of us share a determination to bring something new to the music industry. The listener can expect clean, catchy, yet “brotherly” love, advice and encouragement in any music we, the band, put out or I release as independent artist. From reggae to hiphop, we’ve done it all and it will be in the mixtape.

Just a reminder; the second of our singles is out as of the 21st of July 2017 titled” One And All”, which is also free. There is another due for release on the 28th. Lots of music.

I am currently living in Scotland Uk…
and well the music scene is getting there . It’s more more Glasgow that has a vibrant music scene. Edinburgh where I live, it’s not so much but there seems to be plans to make it compete with Glasgow and all the great music cities of the u.k.

 The music industry…
like every other industry have evolved and probably will continue to do so. I have always loved and been influence by all types of music from gospel to hiphop to soca to pop and r&b.

Music and some musicians have help me get through some really tough times in my life, that tells me music is a very powerful tool.

Music can offer hope and comfort to many even most I might say. Encourage, motivate and inspire. Hence artist are held in high esteem and hold a considerable amount of power and influence. The music business will not died as some alluding to. Some might say it’s because of the digital age, easy access to getting music and more so the amount of music that is now available compared to when it was a cd and so on the internet of things have certainly change the nature of how the music industry now operates.

Is it a good thing? Sure, why not. Many good artist are held back because everything was in the control of a few now the internet have sort of change that .its now sort of an even playing field and note i said sort of. Off course having money still plays a big role in how far you can get. now its much more easier to be seen and heard, if you have the right stuff and work hard at your craft . However this has always made it very difficult for many artist out there in some strange but understandable way why is so difficult for potentially great artist and musicians to get seen and heard.

With over saturation and hard times, some resort to crimes when their backs are against the wall and others chose to tell the story and find a way out in some form of art.  Many are out there telling their story through music. Yet not seen or heard by those who can take them to the next level. Never the less there seems to be a kind of music that is more readily available to the masses. Like other industries, some music moguls are building monopolies and though some of them can rightly tell the rags to riches story and claim it, they seem to not want to make it easy for those who are behind them. That saddens me.

The music business can bring you great friends but in the same vain, can also bring you snakes and wolves in sheep clothing. The music industry was suppose to be the poor mans way of telling his story but it’s now used to tell the story of those who have the money to push a narrative .

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
DMX .as he was one of the first rappers I heard and his delivery captivated me. He puts heart into his verses and hooks and being his age or just about, I am shock to see such a great talent reach to the levels.   His music has certainly been a source of strength and courage, humor and laughter .. all in all I would just like to sit with him and asked where did it go wrong?  How can he help others not to make them same mistakes .

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