Emotion is everything in a song, emotion drives the dynamics of the song and that is what gives the band character. – @afteraliceband

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW AFTER ALICE
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio
Interviewing: Jason Crowden

The Music business…
is in transition, the rock genre is not really defined. The labels are struggling as well, there are not that many benefits to having a label because everyone can record at home. Marketing and distribution are the only two tools that a label has that the artists do not and physical CD’s will be a thing of the past in the near future.

Hurdles and pitfalls…
Networking is a big plus, there are so many platforms that are available, blogs, music sites, even radio is a lot easier to promote and market the band. The negatives are not having the same access to marketing and distribution that labels have. We are hitting the sweet spot on marketing, branding and getting fan recognition.

Singles vs an album…
Obviously singles have a lot of advantages to them, including the ability to expose the song to a larger potential fan base. I think the age of albums is dying: Its unfortunate, but true. The one thing I love about the whole “album” concept is that with any great band or artist, almost all albums have a vibe unique to the albums collective sound: almost like the songs all have a common feeling to them. The single doesn’t give that element, but it is a better vehicle for drawing people to our musical style.

Social media…
is great. It gives us an opportunity to reach an audience that would otherwise seem impossible to reach. The tools give us the ability to showcase the full potential of the project, as well as distribute that information.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
There are way too many artists to list. To single out one wouldn’t even be fair. I’ve gleaned so many different styles from so many different artists over the years, I probably have forgotten more musicians that have influenced me than I can remember.

Music Trends…
I think being current is always looming over any artist or songwriter as they compose, but I think that great artist will rise above it and even redefine the norm. I think that is the ultimate goal for any artist today: to break the mold of whats current & trendy.

I think that’s the art behind songwriting…
painting a detailed picture about what you’re trying to convey in a way that makes your audience feel your conviction. As far as performing, the more the song means to me, the easier it is to get across that emotion to the audience. Emotion is everything in a song, emotion drives the dynamics of the song and that is what gives the band character. This CD every song has that quality.

My interest in playing music began around the age of fourteen. Having no access to formal training, I picked up what I could, where I could, taught myself to sing & play the guitar, as well as learn from friends who played. I spent hours a day singing and would figure out how to play songs on the guitar by ear. My influences included Kevin Martin, Chris Cornell, Jeff Buckley as well as many other vocalists.

99 Gold…
I wrote this song based on the struggles a young couple could have starting out in life. It is built around the hope that things are going to get better. In other words, its really based around the desire of wanting to get out of an everyday struggle of having nothing & being motivated to better circumstances by a deep love for one another.

Most of the time I start on my acoustic; maybe a progression I really like & let it evolve into a complete song. Sometimes I use drum samples to refine a rhythm pattern & usually I will develop the vocal melody line along with lyrics based on how the song makes me feel. Also, from time to time I will bring in another songwriter to get a fresh prospective.




Augusta, Georgia…
In this area, there are some really talented musicians, but the problem is that the town isn’t very supportive of up & coming artists. Because of this, its hard to get other musicians motivated to engage in a project like ours. Everyone who has been successful in this area has known the only way to do it was to get out of this town.


My favorite music quote or inspirational quote is…

“To err is human, to forgive is divine” -Alexander Pope

Jason Crowden
Main Songwriter/Vocals/Guitars/Engineer

Steven Fennell

Steven Fennell worked on several projects of all genres over the last 30 years. Jeff and John Murphy from "Shoes" produced and released  "Roc Sinatra " and Herb Eimerman's solo projects which influenced Steven in every aspect of his music career. The production style featured lyrical story telling, layered background vocals, unique guitar sounds and full body dynamic song structure that would eventually be the signature sound for what later became AFTER ALICE. 

Jason Crowden
Main Songwriter/Vocals/Guitars

In my early twenties, a couple of friends and I formed a cover band and we began playing locally. Although, it was fun & profitable, I wanted to do more with music. I began writing original music around the age of 24 and recorded an EP with my cover band when I was 25 in Atlanta, GA.  I went back to playing covers until I met Steve Fennell. We started recording songs immediately, & I knew this would be a project that would go well beyond anything I’ve done in the past. The creative influence that Steve has contributed to this project has allowed me to grow greatly as a musician. I am excited about the potential this project has and I can’t wait to see what the future of After Alice will bring.  

After Alice is an Alternative/Indie/Power Pop/Rock/ band that is taking the music industry to a new level with there outstanding lead vocals, blended harmonies, classic guitars, addictive melody's with a unique driving force and edge that adds a new dimension to the industry's multi genre sound. Afteralice is a highly ranked band both nationally and globally by Reverb Nation. The band has songs that cross into many different genre's that include: alternative, alternative rock, indie rock, alternative pop, indie pop, power pop, alternative metal, metal pop, rock, hard rock and acoustic. We have songs that are on global radio, spinning by DJ's in night clubs that every music lover will enjoy. Current radio station airplay on Kiss FM, ISX, BTD, Radioairplay, Jango, Radionomy, JamSphere, Tuneloud Hit Radio, Rockers Dive, NoAlternativeRadio, Spreaker, 47.4TheMix, and more.

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