The music business is a jungle, the forest is dense, and everybody’s hungry- I feel at home and being apart of it makes me feel whole. @freddyb4u2

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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Professor B and the Army of Love

Music business…
It’s a jungle, the forest is dense, and everybody’s hungry- I feel at home and being apart of it makes me feel whole.

How do you get through the hurdles…
Let me answer with this story. I was driving a car, I broke down and stood there screaming for help. No one stopped. I began to push the car myself, suddenly people stopped to help.

I chose to release an album to get my vibe out
and help establish myself as an artist. With a few new singles, I can sustain myself as an artist and lead to the next album. I like albums and I’m looking forward to tell a story of music with each one. The possibilities are endless.

Social media is a great tool and I’m still learning about it.
In keeping an open mind, it allows me to knock on many doors. As the digital world consumes us lets not forget what it is to be human and respectful. Many people work very hard at all levels and it’s a process.

I would love to have 5 more minutes with My parents (both deceased)
“I love you, Thank you for the gift of life.”

Trends come and go and normal is just a spot on the washing machine dial,
I feel very comfortable in my own skin. The music is directed through my spirituality, it’s my gift and as I share it with the world, may it bring harmony to ones soul and world peace.

Flyer 2

I was introduced to music at age 4, inspired by many musicians,
and played with many bands along the way. There have been many roads and challenges through life. I felt I was falling through a deep hole and music shed a light through the darkness, pulled me up and out. I celebrate life with the release of my first album Tough Times.

Lively up yourself with this instrumental and uplift your spirits.

With a funky flavor and a twist of New Orleans,
we added some horn leads and feature Bill Holloman of Chic on this track.

I was going through tough times, which gave name to the album.
The support I received through my community is the army of love. The music being of a conscious vibe celebrates that love. Hey, you can’t keep it unless you give it away right. It’s a message to others that we are human, love yourself celebrate love and kindness for each other. It’s ok to have fun and enjoy life, that’s what living is all about, just be conscious of yourself. As technology unfolds in our society, it will remind us how precious we really are.

I’m from a land of love. New Haven, CT USA.
Although just a small dot on a map, it’s filled with a rich history, captivating landscapes, and a cultural mix of very loving people. It’s a small shoreline town that is home to Yale University and to some of the greatest minds in the world.

There’s a vibrant live music scene here as well.
Many great venues within arms reach. Being a hub between Boston and New York, you can always find something of interest.



“Keep On Keeping On”.

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