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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW AMBER LAMPS
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio
Brian Greene – Guitar, Vocals
Eddie James – Bass, Vocals
Steve Roscigno – Dums
Song: It’s Not Alright
Music Genre: Pop-Punk

We live in Astoria, Queens….
If you know where to look, there is a great little community of musicians here, performing mainly at places like Shillelagh Pub and Gussy’s Bar. Of course we have all of New York City and its legendary venues to play, along with Brooklyn venues, where we have set up a few shows with fellow Queens bands to spread our raw, no-frills sound to Brooklyn

Music business…
I feel like the biggest benefit of the music industry now is a double-edged sword. It is great that there are so many bands out there. It makes it so that the fans benefit the most. There is so much great music being made. The problem with that is that it is now harder than ever for any particular band to get any attention.




The song is about Brian (guitarist/singer)’s struggles with Panic Disorder. Written from his perspective when he was a child who did not understand what was happening to him or how to explain it to anyone: feeling like the only person dealing with this problem.

It was written as a companion piece to “Adrenaline” on the album Plaidypuss, both describing the struggle with mental illness from different points in time.

“It’s Not Alright” is…
one of the best examples of the general sound of Plaidypuss, the debut album. The record deals with topics from the silly and immature parts of growing up, to the period between childhood and adulthood exclusive to the latest generation, to anxiety and loss. We feel the album is a good mixture of styles, ranging from light alternative rock to straight-ahead punk. We pride ourselves on clever, thoughtful lyrics, and covering topics not always reached in the punk rock community. Both the happy and sad songs have a driving energy that propels the record forward. The album should be played loud, and is best appreciated in order from front to back.

Inspired by…
Brian – I would love to get to speak with Dave Grohl. He seems to have the whole rock star thing really figured out, and I’m sure could give some great advice on how to get out there.

Eddie James (Bass, Vocals) – Also Dave Grohl, mostly to take a picture with him. People say I look like Dave Grohl. I’ll get so many likes on Instagram

Steve Roscigno (Drums) – Johnny Cash. He was a true bad ass.

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