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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Person Interviewing: Steve Johnson

Music business…
This is really my first venture into releasing an EP as an Artist. So I have been overwhelmed with all of the many details and intricacies needed to do so especially from a promotional perspective. That is why I am extremely happy to have the opportunity to premier this sing from the EP on your platform and I hope to learn a great deal about utilizing various social media platforms to market the EP to a much larger audience.


The basic concept of the album is…
targeted for the Adult Contemporary/R&B/Smooth Jazz market There is a great mix of all of the genre’s mentioned above and we want continue to focus on writing quality music that appeals to that market. This EP means a great deal to me and my co-writers at Midas King Productions and the team at Play/Oracle Records. We are all working hard to make this EP a big success and give the listeners and fans quality music.


Song name: Nice and Slow
Music Genre/ category : Adult Contemporary / R&B
The song is about a blossoming romance between a girl and a boy but the boy is apprehensive and wants to take time to ease into the relationship. The girl on the other hand is imploring him to make his move because she is waiting and ready. Kind of an old school R&B throwback duet.

In 2011 after being out of away from actively gigging for several years I began to focus solely on writing and I had over the years been formulating several ideas. Through songwriting forums I met a brilliant lyricist from London by the name of Raymond Fry and he and I consented to trade a few ideas I sent him the music idea for the song and he came back with this great lyric based on the hook that another song writer friend had already come up with “Nice and Slow”. Six years later and a simply brilliant arrangement and production by the team listed below this is the outcome.
Song by: Raymond Fry, Raye Smith and Steve Jai Johnson
Arranged by: Michele Garruti,
Produced by: Michele Garruti and Giampaolo Pasquile
Vocals produced by: Steve Jai Johnson & Raymond Fry,
Female Vocal: Partially arranged by Chrissi Cunningham
Mixed and Mastered by: Giampaolo Pasquile

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I live in Huntington WV…
it is a small town of around 50,000 people it is also the home of Marshall University. So it is a college town and a lot of the music scene is geared towards the college crowd. There are not a lot of opportunities to play but between this and the Capital city of WV Charleston there are some opportunities to target the market to which we hope to appeal.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
The late great Maurice White! I would love to talk with him and get his perspective on why their music appealed to such a large cross section of listeners. I loved his approach musically with using various elements of all different types of music and genres. I also admired his production and arranging talents. He had an uncanny ability to draw listeners into a song and take them on a journey.


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