Each night tomorrow comes and hopes we’ve learned from yesterday

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Band Name: Anthony Snape

Success is…
being able to live comfortably and support myself and my family wholly from my artistic endeavors while Inspiring others to step outside their comfort zone and live life with more vibrant urgency.

The best advise I’ve ever received…
It wasn’t advice given to me directly, and it’s not specifically music advice. It came from a tombstone. John Wayne’s tombstone to be precise. One of most unlikely sources for me as I didn’t really know much about John Wayne, other than my uncles and older people around me watching his movies.

I was asked to write a lyric for an instrumental piece that was originally inspired by John Wayne. In looking for sparks and further inspiration for the lyric I, of course, researched everything I could find on the actor John Wayne.

That’s when I found a quote on his tombstone that I paraphrased to work with the composition. “Each night tomorrow comes and hopes we’ve learned from yesterday” in essence it’s an empowering idea that allows everyone a chance to be better every single day regardless of the mistakes or misfortune that they may have experienced thus far.

I live in…
Nashville TN. The music scene here is incredible. Some of the best musicians and writers on the planet. You can be inspired every day! There are so many songs written here every day, the pressure is there to always be working on your craft.

Song name: Say So
Genre:: Pop / Rock

This song is about…
those who speak before they think. Catchy, honest, emotive, thought provoking, tangible, melodically tasty, addictive, comforting. On a hot day it’s a lemon raspberry ice popsicle with fizzy passionfruit center. On a cold day it’s a warm cup of your favorite creamy beverage with a dash of liquor. At 1am it’s a reason to keep the party going. At 6am it’s a wakeup call. When you’re in your teens, it’s sneaking out at midnight. When you’re in your 20’s it’s your first trip to Vegas. When you’re in your 40’s it’s photographs of your last family vacation. It’s playing the strings of the universe and not knowing what might happen next. Right now it’s the present left under the tree because the tag fell off.

Link to play:: https://open.spotify.com/album/5AEbVuAQvbWrPPpl0tesOY

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