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“The Measuring” Origins from Fearfield Studio

The studio…
I started recorded about 10 years ago and since I couldn’t afford to go to a traditional studio I started to build my own. Gradually over time I managed to acquire all the equipment and perfect my skills in music production. As a drummer for over 35 year, I really understand the recording challenges of achieving the best quality. I often add drum tracks to different artists projects which I find is an art in it’s self.

I did the work and I went to school to study production. It was an avenue I have loved and I found that eduction so valuable. Working with musicians is a passion of mine so I’m always up for contributing to new projects.

Check out my production history on https://www.reverbnation.com/fearfieldstudio

Email : fearfieldstudio@yahoo.com

I live in…
Fairfield Ca, Solano County about 50 minutes to Oakland and Sf… on a good traffic day. Not to much of a scene her in the field but we do have Gordons Music and my studio that’s really just getting started…I put together Jammin for Unity a couple months ago for a fund raiser for a place that has meetings and such for Alcohol and drug Addiction class….

My music is…
This song and band is an experimental project produced at my studio with a friend who asked to be anonymous, We will call him Bill. this tune was written by Bill and he played all guitars and sings on it. I had the privilege of playing the drums like most of the artists that come through my studio…

I have about 8 years of recording history on my reverbnation/fearfieldstudio page with many different artists… Some of the tunes I actually played guitar and wrote the songs… not bragging, just saying… like the tune Lord a prayer to you… An instrumental that grabs the soul in my opinion.

This song is about…  a cold change of heart.


Song name: Something About This
Music Genre:: Alternitive Rock

Success means many different thing I guess…
Ultimately it be great to get a record deal or a job as a recording engineer for a major label or something now… I just enjoy and love being in the music biz and doing exactly what I’m doing. I like working with all levels of artists and a lot of times I get to play drums on their recordings if the come through my studio… Most of the artists come through as solo artists and need a drummer so it works for me… I’ve been playing drums for about 35 years and recording for about 8 years…

I have been to school for recording also to gain experience as a recording engineer…I have been discovered by @Nonameshow from Alice 97.3 many years ago from a band Called FearNature and did radio Jingles for him there and Live 105…He is with KFog now…

I am now currently doing Jingles for Goto productions for Radio Rehab with Dayna… I’ve also been on Sweden’s own Jayce Landberg’s debut CD called “Break The Spell” that was originally released on Marquee Records … Success is doing what I love to do and I’m doing it…


Link to play:: https://www.reverbnation.com/fearfieldstudio/song/27546368-debut-track-measuring–2-22-17



Best advise..
Don’t quit your day job… AC/DC’s “It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll”.

Social media links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drumnjames
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fearfieldstudio



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