“My aspiration in my musical creation is for the listeners to experience a multi dimensional journey of harmony, melody and rhythm that will take them to a different world”

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Band Name: Omer Goren A.K.A Electrockrat
Person Interviewing: Omer Goren
 Omer Goren is a singer / songwriter, also known as Electrockrat.
The indie electronic rock project Electrockrat started as a solo project in 2012 and is characterized by a combination of electronic and acoustic sounds, drawing from multiple genres, including indie, electronic rock, space rock, alternative, chill out and a touch of psychedelic.

Omer always lived and breathed music, either as a listener or as a guitar player since the age of 13, the first step which will later on lead to writing, composing and playing on many instruments.

After being discharged from the IDF in the end of 2010 Omer began a writing process which led to the composition of two instrumental pieces – On The Edge and Teenage Vibe, a mixture of electric guitar and electronic beats, that were recorded in 2012 (production by Noam Helfer) and later added to his debut album, giving birth to Electrockrat.In the end of 2014 Omer returned from a 9 month trip to India and south east Asia, bringing with him many influences from the relaxed atmosphere, culture and music of the region, an influence clearly expressed in his later creations, culminating in the recording of his debut album “ Mind Travel ”, a full 9 track album featuring electronic beats, guitar and synthesizer along with a soft human voice.

The album includes the following tracks:

“Mind Travel Intro”
“Ready To Leave”
“Fade Away”
“On The Edge”
“Place To Go”
“Teenage Vibe”
“Mind Travel Outro”
and was recorded and produced by Dotan Moshanov and features a collaboration with Roi Levy (Fools of Prophecy, Shimon and Levy) on the track Ready to Leave. Recording of Mind Travel concluded in the end of 2015.

Electrockrat has recently signed a distribution deal with the New- Yorker record label “Factory Fast Records “

Song name: Ready To Leave
Music Genre:: indie / Dream Pop / Alternative
 First of all, in this new release, Ready To Leave, Omer Goren also known as Electrockrat is featuring the singer/songwriter Roi Levi, a very well known and respected musician in Israel.

The main sound difference at Ready To Leave’ music production compared to Electrockrat former releases ‘Sometimes’ & ‘Fade Away’ is a strong dream pop vibe, compared to the more rocky sound of the other releases, but it still touches upon more alternative elements that are a big part of the project Electrockrat.

The main subjects of ‘Ready To Leave’ are about the period of time
that occurred in Omer Goren’s life a few years back (2015) when he had to quit his daily basis job as Security Guide & E.M.T because of a knee injury. Unfortunately in the months after the injury developed into a chronic pain disorder and made Omer commit himself completely to a career as a musician.

Some influential music artist for me are:
Pink Floyd – because of the psychedelic vibe and big sound that breach your mind and emotions
Muse – for the rock and alternative guitar elements combined with an electronic vibe
Radiohead – electronic computer sound with a big emphasis on atmosphere
Enigma – chill out productions with down tempo beats you can easily relax to
Air and The XX – ambient vibe with the use of sampling and high emphasis on energy and rhythm

 I don’t have a specific pattern or way of creating my music, sometimes I have a melody and the lyrics come later, and sometimes it’s the other way around, but always, in every song or production, there will be a high emphasis on emotion and creating a narrative.

The producer that I’ve been working with used Cubase in this EP but when I’m preforming live on stage or when I’m producing my own music and other artists my favorite is Ableton Live and I really love using tools by Native Instruments, Waves and Izotope. My favorite instruments are guitar which is also my primary instrument but I’m also a big fan of the entire guitar and strings family, and love using piano, drums and percussion.

“Without music, life would be a mistake” – Friedrich Nietzsche

This past month I’ve been focusing on two main things: a concert for the release of my new single ‘Ready to Leave ft. Roi Levi’ which was also the pilot night for a new music festival I started, called Electro Indie Fest, also my new radio show ‘Indie Spotlight’ at Radio Sol, an internet radio station in Israel.
The main goal in all those things besides getting recognition as an artist from the music industry, is the advancement and development of the indie music scene in Israel by providing platforms for artists in need of opportunities to help them get more exposure and reach as many listeners and industry personalities as possible.
Three things I have learned:
 1. Timing is important.
2. Without perseverance and an investment of time and energy, it will be very hard to move forward.
3. Be everywhere.
This year I am looking forward to the release of my debut album, making many new personal and business connections and performing live shows in as many cities in Israel as possible. Hopefully during 2019 I will go on my first tour abroad.
Website & social media links: : Electrockrat official websites and social pages –
Electrockrat Official Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/Electrockrat/
Electrockrat Official Instagram –https://www.instagram.com/electrockrat/
Electrockrat Official Twitter – https://twitter.com/Goren16Omer
Electrockrat Official Youtube Channel –https://www.youtube.com/omerg2
‘Sometimes’ – https://youtu.be/lnkLIVpFFg8
‘Fade Away’ – https://youtu.be/r4EjdCSFV1A
Electrockrat Official BandCamp –
Link For Debut Track ‘Sometimes’ – https://electrockrat.bandcamp.com/track/sometimes-2
Link For Latest Release ‘Fade Away’ – http://electrockrat.bandcamp.com/track/fade-away