The music business…
definitely has pros and cons. A really good thing that the industry has stepped up to the plate on is its willingness to embrace indie artists’ and give them opportunities to advance and be heard. I’m not necessarily convinced this is all by choice. But this experience for me is the most amazing and number one by far. The middle man on a lot of levels have been cut out especially in regards to distribution and exposure. On the other hand, there is still needs to be a bridge built by indie artist and radio stations, DJ’s and other important components (in regards to exposure) that require a major investment on behalf of indies who may not have the larger budgets or networks in order to be heard in a significant way. Television, soundtracks and films just to name a few.

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW C.S. EMPOWERED ME
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio
Interviewing: Crystal Sherie


I live in Oceanside, CA…
I think the music scene is very mixed. There’s lots of Reggae, Hip Hop, Acoustic and Rock. At some of the local restaurants you find lots of cover bands playing day and night especially on the weekends. When I’m not busy I may go to ‘The Flying Bridge’. The outdoor Amphitheater which is located on the Oceanside beach hosts amazing artist year round but the summer is especially amazing as you get live performances from all genres of both local and national artist. ‘The Belly Up’ is a great venue that I may go to but it’s a few towns over but worth the drive because it hosts top quality musicians. Since Oceanside is part of Southern California although there may be many opportunities there is also lots of competition. Create your own venue.

Me, God, My Altar…
focuses on three things:
1) Me- I represent myself and what I am and am not.
2) God – represents Himself as the omnipotent, all knowing creator of all things (including me).
3) My Altar- Is the place of meeting and surrender of my own negative thoughts and experiences to get God’s true intentions towards me and give me the reason I was inserted in the earth.

Over​ ​the past 10yrs…
it was a time where nothing was going right for me. Divorced, single mom, family and friends betrayal, overqualified, under qualified, being a victim, in turn victimizing others, fears about my today and tomorrow, low self esteem, bad choices, letdowns by people and situations that didn’t work, lied on, talked about… you name it, it happened to me. But the worst part is I couldn’t break free and I allowed these events to dictate my life’s story and so I defined myself by what I was going through. So instead of seeing these circumstances as events, I saw them as my identity. How I defined myself. I remember sitting in my car all alone thinking‘.. God . This can’t be your plan for me. This can’t be the reason why I was inserted in the earth’. So I begin to build my altar which is in essence setting aside my pride and my way of thinking about how things should be and asking God how does He see me and how should I see me? And then this conversation moved on to how do I get out of this life’s mess that I’ve found myself in so I can get to your plan for my life.

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M​y new album is entitled “Re-Positioned”
The tentative release date is Spring of 2017. What’s great about this album is that I believe that people will be able to relate to wanting to connect with true identity. It’s almost like when you discover the world is round and not flat and that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west…now your compass can work for you. You now have correct information and a sense of direction. I think people finding true identity is what’s missing in our society. There are certain things that only our creator can give to us and only when we are ready to build our altar. I think at that place of our altar so much freedom comes from God’s intentionality in our lives regarding our gifts and talents. I believe you find so much more meaning when you know why God placed you in the earth.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
anyone who can prove they didn’t have to do any ‘favors’ or compromise their moral/sexual integrity to reach a national level of success. Although the inspiration may seem obvious my interest is more of the what and how as opposed to the obvious why. To be able to know this is actually doable and has been accomplished is simply #Legacy.


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