A songwriting team that lasted the test of time, Cabela and Schmitt has weathered the storms of change in the music industry

Cabela and Schmitt on creating music 20 years ago as compared to today.

1. Finding your road as a songwriter can be challenging without guidance.

Where do you start, and how are you figuring that out for yourself in today’s music landscape as compared to 20 years ago?

When we discovered that musical ideas came to us as teenagers, we had no idea that we were “songwriters”. We were only relaying the ideas that were coming into our minds. Even after 43 years, it really doesn’t work any different for us. We develop the ideas we are given from God, create an atmosphere around them, and then a song.  

One thing we have held onto over the years is that we like to be outside of the box, allowing the inspirations to be what they are instead of trying to mold them into something they are not. We realize this isn’t a popular route, but we enjoy being who we are. Music is fun marketing is work.

Twenty years ago, the landscape of music was similar as today, as far as the most popular artist is concerned. The major labels seem to copy one another, trying to recreate someone else’s big hit. Then basically, force-feeds that music to the masses by constantly pushing the same song until they reach the numbers they’re after. As long as we have been listening to music, the industry has been this way. The music trends and technology are the things that change. 

Another thing that is different now is the number of genres. Today there are so many that it’s difficult for new artists to figure out where they belong.

We are fortunate to have had one another through the years to bounce ideas back and forth, not only about music creation but about music promotion. We have all learned together and are learning better ways to record, mix, and promote our music.

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2. What has been the most notable change for you today vs. when you started?

Technology is by far the most notable change for music in general. When we started, music was listened to on 8-Track tapes, vinyl, and cassette tapes. The recording was exclusively on tape. Digital had not been invented yet. Today’s home recording tools are excellent, especially compared to what we started working with. Today you can download albums in seconds on your phone!! Telephones back then were wired to the wall, and you couldn’t walk across the room when talking to someone.

Our instruments filled the back of a pickup truck when we played live or went to a studio to record. Today with the advancement with DAWs, plugins, and programs, you can carry a dozen grand pianos in your pocket. The way music is created and listened to today is mind-boggling compared to when we first started. It is wonderful what you can create with string ensembles and synthesizers with a touch of a key on a controller or your phone. Most of the advancement was unthinkable at the time.

Technology has also helped us share music over the internet with one another. Today is much more powerful than handing cassette tapes to a few radio stations and mailing to record companies.

3. What do you like least about todays music industry vs the past decades?

A lot of communication at a distance is fine and necessary but we miss some of the “in person” experience, not only creating the music but also sharing it with others.

Sometimes when listening to the major genres it seems as though the songs are cloned in sound, structure and production. The sound is incredible, but a lot of the songs have similar chord progressions, melodies and arrangements. Every now and then one of the majors will come out with something different, but it’s like they are afraid to take a risk, which is understandable. Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, everybody’s music was a salad of ideas and they were free to write what they felt. The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, Eagles, Led Zepplin, etc. They each had their own sound, but each song was unique. However, some of the new independent artists are putting out some great stuff these days!

A very successful man once said…”if you want to be a success, look at what everyone else is doing and do something different”.

4. What do you like better about todays music industry vs the past decades?

When we got started it always seemed like ”yes” or “no’, like we were depending on big studio and big music industry to get anywhere. Now we seem to be more in control of our own destiny by gaining listeners through our own and our associates’ promotions.

Also the sound! Production and mastering is miles above where we started. The impeccable tones and mixing techniques that are being used today are fabulous. We have yet to get a professional produced track, but we are seriously considering it.

In closing we would like to say that music for us has been an incredible ride! We are not famous or wealthy, but we are happy doing what we do. Being able to share a talent that has been given to us warms our hearts.   

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