Songwriter, touring musician and mother Eileen Carey finds a balance between music and family life with the power of a positive attitude and love for what she does.

Carey had two number one singles in Country and Adult Contemporary (“Keep Your Love to Yourself” and “Leave It All Behind.”). In addition to her two number one singles, Carey has recently been nominated for four new music awards, including AC Female Artist of the Year, AC Breakthrough Artist of the Year, Country Breakthrough Artist of the Year, and Crossover Artist of the Year

Finding your road as a songwriter can be difficult without guidance where do you start, and how are you figuring that out for yourself? 

I was booking entertainment for a large hotel chain and realized I could sing and write songs. I was here in Los Angeles to work in the film industry, but I couldn’t ignore my love of music over all things. As a kid, I performed in choir, school plays, and theater and would fool around on the drums at home. I am not sure if one ever figures “It” out, but if you want something then you must go get it.

Tell us about your music video and how this single came together.

  “Dreaming with Me”  The song is about how the magic of inspiration can start with one person. It brings out a sense of motivation, inciting the feeling that a positive impact can happen with just one person. This song is also a great reminder to all of us that an individual can make an impression on the world.

The music video centers around, a young man with red headphones that has a powerful sense of confidence and a desire for inclusivity towards those around him. His demeanor attracts many who want to follow his lead. This demonstrates the influence a single person can have by leading by example. 

His red headphones are a visual representation of what makes him unique, but it means something more profound. The headphones represent the spark of individuality that each person carries, and that spark has the remarkable power to inspire those around him.

What’s it like balancing family and a music career?

  EC:  I was able to balance two things I am passionate about; music and family, I am, after all, the blogger known as 

At times though it feels as though there is simply not enough time to be both a mom and a musician. It’s a constant balancing act, but because I love being a mom and a musician, I am more than happy to be both. With that said, I will be the first to sign up for a 48-hour day!

What does music mean to you?

Music is magic. 

It can cement the relationship between people because of similar tastes, but it also works as a unifying agent because it is the closest thing to our hearts and souls. 

We are all music fans here in my family. My husband might be the biggest music fan I know, while my daughters love and support all kinds of music. I like to think that my music career has contributed to my family life. I know my career alone has brought together all sides of our families. It also recently allowed a very close long-time family friend’s sister and daughters to heal from her mother’s death. Music is powerful.

What are the top struggles you faced in the last year and how have you been tackling them?


As one might say, I was making “lemonade out of lemons.” I am a very positive person. It is thematic in my music.

If you are a performing artist like I am, last year was challenging for sure. Covid-19 forced us all to find new ways to apply the craft, reach fans and pay the bills. I did manage to play some good live shows, and took advantage of the downtime to write and record new material. 

“Dreaming with Me” was produced by Travis Allen, Nashville Tracks, Nashville for RolleyCstr Music; Mastered by Kevin Bartley, Written by Eileen Carey, Rolleycstr Music, BMI; and Lily Wilson; Only Now Music, BMI

Who Is Eileen Carey?

Along with many awards and accomplishments, Eileen also became a beauty ambassador of Joe Blasco Cosmetics, securing a sponsorship with the brand. Through this partnership, Eileen demonstrates her infectious essence and inspires women of all ages to feel empowered and beautiful in their own ways. Joe Blasco himself shares, “Eileen is a brilliantly talented singer, and we are proud to be one of Eileen’s sponsors by providing high-quality professional makeup for her amazing performances. We are elated to be a part of Eileen’s inspiring career!” Eileen has an upcoming show on April 1 where she will be playing with The Motels at the Canyon Club in Montclair, CA. Now more than ever, women are taking charge and owning every aspect of their lives. Eileen is a prime example of just that. She shows that at any age, a woman is powerful and filled with purpose. She has done it all and continues to evolve with spirit. Her essence inspires all she comes in contact with, and her music is a sheer force for positivity, truth, and empowerment. She is without a doubt music’s best-kept secret. Eileen Carey is an award-winning singer, mother, and music’s best-kept secret. Over her career, Carey has amassed over 20 awards and has performed at nearly 80 notable venues. She is also the founder of The Music Mom, a blog where Carey shares her thoughts about life and motherhood.