My album “It’s My Time”…
takes listeners along on the mental and emotional journey I experienced leading up to the album’s completion. There were several times in my career as a musician where I had doubts about moving forward with creating an album. Through my wife, God spoke to me and showed me that it was my time to move on what God gifted me with. And the world needed to hear the gift that has been planted within me.

It also expresses the feeling of being ready to take on the world waking up in the morning (Hype), stress relief that’s needed by the end of the day (SeaBreeze), the mental challenge of self-confidence (Battle), receiving encouragement from friends (Chop It Up) and my conviction for pursuing my passion (It’s My Time). The final song was added and dedicated to my grandmother. She passed as I was making the album and she always wanted to hear me cover that song. The morning I found out she passed, I immediately went into the studio and started recording my rendition of Amazing Grace.

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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

I love performing…
making people happy and seeing them enjoy themselves when they hear my music. The biggest pro I’ve experienced has been the great feedback from the listeners who enjoy my music and style. Just a quick story, I ran into a fan at a gas station a while back. She has a niece with an extreme case of A.D.D. and nothing has been able to calm her down. She played SeaBreeze and her niece calmed down instantly. Now they have the song playing through out the day to help keep her calm. This made my day to hear how the music I created has helped make a difference in someone’s life.

A con, is the music business is very unique and a tough industry to make a good living now days. It can be brutal and rewarding at the same time. The art that musicians create isn’t looked at as a necessity in today’s society, but in reality it is. You must get in the music industry for the love and passion of music not for the money.




Song Name: SeaBreeze
Genre: Jazz, Pop, Alternative, Funk
When I wrote SeaBreeze, I wanted listeners to experience the feeling you get when you’re relaxing near the beach and feel the refreshing ocean breeze. The inspiration for the song came from memories of my teenage years in Florida. My father (who is deceased) and I loved to fish. Each fishing trip, I would notice the way the ocean air smelled, how the breeze from the ocean felt and the sound of the waves crashing into the shore. I loved it then, and it’s therapeutic for me to think of those times now. As I reminisce on those memories, I always get a sense of happiness and peace, and the longer I think on it, the more relaxed yet energized I become. I wanted to share this feeling with world and the best way to express it was through the universal language, which is music. Now everyone can feel the same chill vibes that I feel when I think about the times fishing with my father by the ocean.


I currently live in Atlanta…
and the music scene here is a bit fierce as there are great musicians and artist on every corner that are extremely talented. Having a solid marketing plan and networking is the way to truly stand out. Working it with determination and discipline are the factors that will get you ahead.


I would love to have 5 minutes alone with Marcus Miller…
because he is an artist that has sustained himself through the years. His artistry is amazing and ever-evolving while remaining true to himself.

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