Episode #457 Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax: http://tobtr.com/9952523

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW Chris Scharenbroch
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio
(pronounce: Sharon Brook)

I live in Wisconsin…
in a small city called Kaukauna (pronounced: Kaw Kaw na) which is about 8 miles east of Appleton WI. and about 15 miles south of Green Bay WI.. There is a lot of great talent in the area between Green Bay and Oshkosh, it’s busting at the seams, all genres’, some great performers, songwriters, musicians, it’s all here.

As a matter of fact for the last 2 summers’ (#3 is coming up) in August the city of Appleton has hosted an event entitled “Mile Of Music”. This event invites musicians, songwriters, and bands from all over the country and there is some local talent included here as well. This is a 4 day event starting on Thursday evening and ending on Sunday, this is a great opportunity for these artist too show case their music as well as building a fan base. This has been well received and it continues too grow.

I’m hoping to work to bring my fellow songwriters together for collaborations within our community.

Music Business..
Because I not only write and record my songs, like a lot of other artists’ do, I also do my own marketing, I make sure all of my songs have a copyright to them, I also make sure all of my songs are registered with my PRO (ASCAP). So I do a lot of the behind scene work, like other artists do.
First the Pro’s:
I absolutely love the music business, I love being part of it and talking with music professionals and other songwriters, basically anybody and everybody, because we all share the same passion, the love of making music.


Now for the Con’s:
I don’t like being rejected, but then again who does. Unfortunately that comes with being part of this industry, and actually by getting constructive feedback and sticking with it the rejections turn into a song being accepted for a project, as I have recently learned and that’s a great feeling. So stick with it.


The Light…
I wrote this song after learning of the passing of a dear friend. He was a great guy and a great musician, an amazing guitar player. He left behind a beautiful wife and 6 amazing children, this was so sad for me personally and that’s what inspired me to write this melody it came from that sadness. This song was recorded in my home studio, I actually borrowed a Yamaha acoustic from a friend to do the track because I had donated my Martin acoustic too a local benefit that was raising money for a young child that was in an accident and they where raising money to help cover the medical expenses’.

The Album…
I never really considered putting an album together until my son recently suggested it. My songs are different but I think they are palletable. I try too write about my own personal situations that I have experienced and hope others can relate too these as well. I’m not sure what genre my music is, or if it can be described as something specific, it’s what I have been referring too as acoustic rock, kinda.

Inspired by…
Paul McCartney, he has been the biggest influence on me. Not only as a songwriter but also how he conducts business within the music industry. For example he started MPL Communications after The Beatles split up and he has been growing that business ever since. He actually started his own music publishing company is what he did and everything that he has written since then has gone under MPL Communications.

I thought that that is a great idea and I kind of started my own music publishing company entitled “Bene Music Publishing”. Obviously I don’t have the connections or the hit songs that Paul McCartney has, but it is a great idea though and I want too grow this as much as I can.

Social Media site :
Website: www.soundcloud.com/bene-music-513119849
Twitter @thekirbulator