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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW TRIPPY PIZZA
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Interviewing: Alex Edens/Trippy Pizza

I like to work behind the scenes with creating music and distribution such as instrumentals and beats. My focus is to work with companies creating special projects who need quality music. 

Not all musicians like to take a front position in this business and the stage has never been my thing. Understanding what I enjoy most and making that a part of my business strategy has been my main focus. 

I live in Rockville, Maryland…
near Washington D.C. If you want to find great music D.C. or Baltimore is where it is at. There is tons of local talent all over the DMV and shows every night. 930 Club, The Fillmore, Echostage, Baltimore Soundstage and tons of other places are great local music spots that bring in fresh talent as well as well known performers and artists.


Music Business…
I would just say that a con would be all of the illicit drug use and irresponsible drinking and behavior that can happen. It’s not everyone obviously but I have never been to a show where that stuff wasn’t happening in some capacity. A pro would be that there are also really awesome people that you meet along the way. I know a ton of likeminded people that really are all about the music and I think thats awesome. There are so many people trying to make it in the industry but not all of them are willing to put in the effort or invest in themselves. They just want the fame and money and lifestyle. There are plenty also that are in it to give people a brief escape from the hardships of reality and day to day life which is what I hope to accomplish but also give other people inspiration to pursue their passion no matter what. Put in the work and you can accomplish anything. Its weird not to be weird. I could go on but I am also not an expert on anything. I am always learning and hope to continue to. The work is never done.

Fire Trap…
This song has no lyrics at the moment but that could potentially change. I made this song thinking about trying something different yet familiar. Its a pretty simple track without a ton of layers but sometimes that is better. I think it has some dance party vibes that you would hear in a club and dance your ass off to.


The EP…
I just recently put out a small 4 song album on iTunes and spotify through reverbnation. It has 4 instrumental songs that have a chill airy vibe but with great dance quality people would get lit to in the clubs or just chilling at home or in their car. I have made over 200 beats and remixes in the past 8 years but this is the first album I have put out for people to purchase.

Previously I have just given out free downloads and streaming on soundcloud. I made this album with my brother in mind. He is a rapper and is trying to get his name and music out there thru similar sources and I made it for him and others to enjoy and get inspiration from.



First thought is some ridiculously hot supermodel chick. But this is a tough one. 5 minutes is not a very long time. I guess I would have to say…Bassnectar. That dude has inspired me with his music tremendously. Plus he seems like chill guy. Who knows tho. You know what they say about meeting your idols…I am sure he’s cool tho.


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