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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW DIANNE MEINKE
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio


My current album Lemonade Freshly Squeezed..
is collection of songs from a genre I like to refer to as Acoustic Pop & Adult Contemporary. The songs are about love and the struggles of life and the heart. I planned this project and announced it several years ago when I was bitten by a poisonous spider (Brown Recluse). I saw my life flash before my eyes, faced death square in the face & needed a place for my mind to go and escape. Music provided the hope and healing I needed in the middle of a very dark storm. This album is very special to me. Just before the release Lemonade in 2016, I signed an unprecedented international distribution contract with Warner-Chappell South America via Jan Cooper Music Publishing. It was indeed the magical door I had been searching for forever. Since then, I hit the reset button on my life for forever change.



Lemonade Freshly Squeezed
Music Genre : Acoustic Pop AC
Lemonade Freshly squeezed is the title cut for the CD and has everything to do with the deadly spider bite I received. When I wrote the song in a lucid dream, I saw the animated video playing in my mind. Lemons coming at me from all directions, even falling from the sky. I built a lemonade stand but that wasn’t big enough. I thought to myself…what am I going to do with all this lemonade? …so then I built an amusement park to sell it at. I have to chuckle. My friends always tell me I make such a big production out of everything I do. …this time it helped me have hope and saved my life. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. It works.


Albuquerque New Mexico. ..
It’s a tight knit organic community with it’s culture tied to the spirituality of the land and people who live here. There are more venue opportunities now than when I first moved here. The best circuits are the art & music festivals. Places which rent out space like the place on 4th street for these festivals are great places for shows. Places to go? The Balloon Fiesta, Micro-brew eateries & venues, Art & Film Festivals, Pope Joy .. Hall, college Basketball/Lobo games are awesome too.





An independent artist…
has more opportunities to reach more potential fans in ever the evolving sea of the internet. Consistent visual exposure is essential to connecting with an artists super fan base. Harnessing the social networks is certainly quite the challenge. But if you love what you do (and I do love music and the healing & enjoyment it brings) you must work smarter. One thing which has baffled me even with the many successes I have had over the years, I have not found the means to harness the return on my Investments financially. Everyone else appears to make money “off of the artist” but the entertainer still struggles to make ends meet.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
Last time my answer was Prince…his passing last year broke my heart. gone way too soon. I actually I had a few minutes with him on the phone when my friends from Master Lab took my “Read my Mind” CD with them to Paisley Park to finish. This time my answer is Jimi Hendrix. But once again, 5 minutes would not be near enough time.

“Jimi, which interest more satisfied your soul, your art or playing music?” Leon his brother said it was his art but I would love to hear why and what it meant to him.


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