Listen to the live interview Episode #484: A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax :

by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Vocals / Rhythm Guitar – Lewis Rowland
Lead Guitar – Clint Bredin
Bass Guitar – Charles Workman
Drums – Spencer Churchill

Person Interviewing: Clint Bredin

Our music is…
all written the old school way where we bring ideas to the studio then just jam and improvise, from this as a collective a song idea is developed. We do not write our music to ensure it fits a sub-genre so you can expect varied, stripped back, heavy, simple groove lead metal which probably sits in between a few different genres. We as a group decided that there is plenty of really skilful fast screamy technical metal out there which seems to be the trend these days so we wanted to steer away from that so we didn’t indirectly end up sounding like someone else. We hope that this approach will allow us to fill the gap were people want to hear a new band that’s heavy but slightly different to the norm within the wider metal genre.



Song name: Breaking Down The Walls
Music Genre: Metal
‘Breaking Down The Walls’ was the second song we wrote as a group in 2016 which followed on from ‘Condemned’ which is a dark song about the internal struggle of a character that was created during writing the lyrics. ‘Breaking Down The Walls’ then become a song about this character pushing through the previous demise and gaining the strength to get control of his life again.


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We feel the music industry…
can be very hard for the band or artist just starting out on the live scene certainly if they are relying on the income from the music. However on the other hand you could argue that artists now a day have much more control over what they want to do and how they want to do it, it’s just a question of investment to pay those studio fees. Being on an independent label or an indie artist is excellent for freedom and social media does help a little with exposure but its certainly a lot of work this way to try and reach the right people, play the right gigs and get that all-important exposure out there. For us we planned that in year one it would have ups and downs as we build the bands following but we have been very fortunate with the gigs we have landed for 2017 due to the hours our label have put into us as well as some very supportive promoters and other bands locally.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
Everyone in the band would give you a different answer for massively different reasons but for me as a modern guitar player I have been following the UK guitar virtuoso Andy James from wearing Scars since he was doing tutorial DVD lessons with the and starting out with Sacred Mother Tongue. I could never understand how he plays so fast and maintain melodic expression with unbelievable phrasing no matter how hard I studied his music. Then in Feb this year I went to go watch a Wearing Scars gig with our drummer Spencer and I met Andy over a beer at the bar! I was then honoured to spend the majority of the evening talking with him and Wearing Scars lead singer Chris Clancy where I got to ask them both everything! So Zakk Whylde is the next one on the list.

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