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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Person Interviewing: Kyle Hogan

Comment for Charity…
We are not selling our music. This song is off our mixtape, and when we finish our full length later this year early 2018, we will be offering downloads and will be looking for feedback. The feedback is super important to us because when we post the picture of the album on Instagram, we have a few sponsors that will donate .10 cents – .25 cents for every comment left up to $5,000 dollars to raise money for a homeless shelter here in Las Vegas. F-Ross and I also donate 300 subway sandwiches a month to the shelter, as we were both homeless at one point in our lives. Instagram :

Song name: Brother
Music Genre: Hip hop
We (DJ Kye and Ferrari (Bryan) Ross) wrote this song in dedication to Ferrari-Ross’s younger brother Cedric, who was shot and killed 5 years ago. We also know we’re not the only ones to lose a loved one so we wanted to dedicate to anyone who’s lost someone because the pain and sadness that associates with death is really hard do deal with. We’ll never forget them and they will always be with us in our thoughts and prayers.


Up coming album…
With our full length album we are writing songs that consist of motivation, inspiration and life lessons we have learned. We all have a past, and the future is only changeable if as a person you change, and that we both have.

We live in Las Vegas, Nevada...
The music scene here is amazing. You have clubs with great DJ’s, venues with every genre of music you can think of, and it’s all 24/7.

Music business…
The business side can be rough, it’s business. I’ll leave it at that. The good that comes from it is lots exposure and experiences you may never get with out having the business side.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Do they have to be alive? If not Tupac is the one we would have loved to talk to him about his life experiences. Alive would be Lil Wayne. For the same reason.

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