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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW OPUS SUN
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Interviewee: Dana Munach and/or Larry Diaco

The Biz:
If you are looking at the music as a business, you need to have your eyes wide open going in. The amazing talent and creativity out there that you and I will never hear is enormous. The internet and organizations like AvA Live Radio and American Pride Magazine are great avenues to level the playing field a bit and give this talent a platform to meet the world. This vehicle benefits the Artist and the Listeners alike.
Stay in school kids… or at least try to be professional athlete. Your odds of making a living are better. Of course I am being facetious but you need to make music because YOU NEED TO MAKE MUSIC. If you can make money at it, all the better.

Miami Florida:
Opus Sun is located in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale market. We have a big Latin and Hop-Hop scene here which we love and enjoy. Though our music falls outside this genre, it is so ubiquitous that it can’t help but influence you. Drums and Percussion on our second album were performed Fofi Lancha who was the house drummer for almost two decades on the Latin TV show Sabado Gigante. So, he is well known here and throughout the Americas. Opus Sun only plays live shows periodically when the spirit hits us. Our heart and passion is in the studio where we go to float away to somewhere else…

I Would Love To Have 5 Minutes Alone With….
Sorry, I’m an artist so I am designed to break the rules. I would like 1 Min with Jere Garcia to say “I think I get it”, 1 min with Chris Whitley to say “thank you for the poetic lyrics”, 1 min with Peter Gabriel to say “you get it!”, 1 min with Stevie Ray Vaughan just to say thank you for the riff, and 1 min with Andrew Lloyd Webber to say “Nice hooks bro”.

The Scars You Left Behind…
Singer explores how a long past relationship in which his lover cheated and lied to him so many years ago. He comes to realize how it still his haunts him and hurts him when he visits his hometown where the relationship took place.


The history:
The lyrics of this track are very personal to me. Many years ago I was crazy about my high school girlfriend, let’s just call her “T.R.”, who was very beautiful (and she knew it). I was her play toy and she, my muse. The summer before I was leaving for college I was working double shifts and spending my nights with her. Needless to say, with those demands I was getting barely three hours of sleep per night. At 18 we do what the heart demands and not what the body needs. It wasn’t long before I wore myself down to the point that I was hospitalized because my body could no longer fight the virus that, normally I would recover from in days. For two weeks I lay in my hospital bed and not able to be there for TR.

When I was released from the hospital, I made a straight shot to her house not even going home first. I rang her bell but there was no answer. As I was returning to my car, I heard voices from a side window of the house. Maybe she had not heard me at the door? I peered into the window to her in the bath tub with a guy I recognized from school. I was crushed, punched in the gut, could only hear my heart thumping and my lungs fighting against my tight chest. It was over and we were no more. All those talks about our future life together were just dreams we dreamed on the hot summer nights in South Miami. I’m older now and have found love again. But upon my return to the old neighborhood, the “ghosts” are on every corner, and “lost memories” return to haunt me. I was amazed that the hurt, “Scars” are still part of who I am. And… I would not change a thing. It’s our scars that tell our story. I hope you have a chance to re listen to “The Scars You Left Behind” with this new insight and understand this song is my way of owning what is mine by bringing this story from the darkness and lay it bare for any who should stumble upon it.

Opus Sun’s first album was entitled “Hint of Truth” (11 tracks). Songs like “She Fades Away” about an exotic dancer from her perspective (get the filth out of your mind it’s not about sex) It’s about emotional detachment. “Heaven Looks Blue” the lyrical story of Janis Joplin’s life, career, and death. “Morphine & Honey” sung as the devil seducing and addict to continue.


The second album release of Opus Sun was entitled “The Days In Between”…
(15 tracks) which is also the name of the first track. This song tells the listener to value their life not by the good days or hard days but by how we live are lives in the days in between. “Just Pan and Me” where the singer is having a drink with an aged and disillusioned Peter Pan. His life did not go according to his plan.

Subsequently, Opus Sun has released a few singles that were not part of an album. Songs like “Go Ahead and Dance” and “Under the Opus sun” that are a departure from our sound but good tunes and were fun to do.

Currently, back in the studio recording tracks for the upcoming, and aptly named, “O3” due out late 2017. Some tracks from this album “Feather Beneath the Stone”, “Soaking Wet”, “Stick and Stones” have been pre released and are available on iTunes and other popular music sites.




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