“You have to make success a need it’s not just something you can want. Don’t expect someone to do it for you if you’re not going to even try to do it for yourself. You have to show people that you are really trying to obtain whatever it is you are after then once there convinced you really are, they step in and lend a hand.” @Ganksta_G

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW GANKSTA G
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Coming from where I came- you was always told you got to get out there and grind, hustle, or do whatever it took to make it. Also you have to make success a need its not just something you can want. I always push to do for myself cause at a young age my mom told me, don’t expect someone to do it for you if you’re not going to even try to do it for yourself. You have to show people that you are really trying to obtain whatever it is you are after then once there convinced you really are they step in and lend a hand. Success for me is: Striving, Understanding, Chasing, Challenging, Effort, Strength, and after you push through all of this hardwork then you may obtain Success.

What I like about social media is…
being able to share stuff with all your friends or with the public at that one time. This makes things much easier and enables people like me a better way to connect with these people and gain more fans and friends. Its also a great way to promote. I feel there are always challenges to overcome from small ones like striving to make the next song or album better than the last. I challenge myself to be better on a regular basis just because it motivates me in such a bigger way.

Music Trends…
Honestly with me its a toss up. I don’t find that its to much emphasis on being current or trendy cause I am more into just being me and being original at whatever I do. As for the balance I don’t think I have found that perfect balance yet cause I’m so creative that when I find something that’s right I feel like there’s something missing which requires a change but as far as it goes with me everyone of my songs are not the same and I push for them not to be. This is what I love most about my music but I do want to eventually find a balance where it fits but most of my decisions come at the spur of the moment but they still usually end up with a foundation or structure by the time I’m done.

I feel my true start in music came when…
I recorded this song called “Our Time Is Coming” with a friend of mine and actually decided to push this song by signing up to a Tunecore account and doing everything it took to get this song heard including doing a live show in my home town of Tampa, FL at a club named “The Orpheum”. After that I have continued to keep pursuing a career in music.

I live in Tampa, FL…
which is where I was born and raised. The music scene is not what it use to be. Honestly its harder and seems to get tougher unless you really have built up a fan base early on but out here there is not much love or support for the independent artist but you can’t let that stop you. There are a couple places here that host things like open mic night. One club known as “Da Crowbar” is a club that’s geared toward hip hop or rap and r&b type genres. I have performed at a place called “The Orpheum” which hosts different genres and when I was getting booked through AftonShows the showcases were always mixed with rap, r&b, rock, etc. I also have performed at another place called “Pegasus” which is similar to “The Orpheum” style.

One thing I recently found out that I thought I wouldn’t enjoy doing but found it to be pretty fun (and its non-music related) is bowling. I had played in my first league about 4 months back and when it ended I told myself I would not return to playing again but I was so wrong and over the course of time it really grew on me to the point where I actually play more frequently now.


What’s ahead..
Solo album is in the works still haven’t determined a official release date yet but will update when the time comes. Other then that I will be releasing some singles over the course of the next couple months and writing music. Also thinking about getting back to doing a couple shows to promote any new singles released.

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