Made In London indie artists“I’m in a lucky place where I have total creative freedom. I’ll make something to the best of my ability and put it out there. for me it’s about the experience, the content, how much you can move and touch complete strangers and overall leave a musical legacy of your own making. ” @MiLondon7

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW M.I.L
by Jacqueline Jax

I am constantly trying to make new and original music, in whatever genre rears itself to me and I thrive on working with other musicians at whatever level in the creative process, as well as learning new instruments as I go.

My youngest daughter who is about to go to University reaching my age and still trying to do it the hard way like me. Even though I have achieved what I have with just a standard education, I am a big believer in the system of education and what it can do for you – especially in the entertainment industry nowadays.
Oh, and the wife!

The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye. The story of success is hello and goodbye. Until we meet again…

I submitted to an opportunity on Music Xray 4 years ago that gave new songwriters the chance to distribute a track of their choice for free via CD Baby & Warner. After a classical ballad I wrote, which was sung by my eldest daughter Gemma, called; Banquet For One was accepted the carrot had been bitten and I was SOLD! This has lead to Exclusive and no-Exclusive publishing contracts with Factory Music/Sony here in the UK which also included this indie rock track I wrote called ‘No Better’ which used the vocal talent of my Actress niece Nicola Munns
I also have a love ballad currently shortlisted for a film coming out in the fall made by Gracie Productions in USA & all of this gave me the confidence to create www. to showcase my own talent as well as other original songwriters and recording artists as we slowly build our start-up.
I love being able to connect with people from all over the world and hearing what they have to say about my work. Good or bad, one persons pot of gold is another persons trash can. What I don’t like is when some of these BIG companies play god with your content and don’t have a customer service dept. or complaints procedure – That’s a grind!

I’m in a lucky place where I have total creative freedom. I’ll make something to the best of my ability and put it out there. Any writer must expose their work otherwise why bother unless it’s just for grandparents? I also relish the challenge of meeting new artists and writing for them, for instance I wrote American Soprano: Becky Foster’s debut Classical/Pop EP: Shine after meeting her in the UK where her serviceman husband was stationed. That was a whole different ball game to the dance stuff, working with orchestration and a classically trained Soprano. Basically, I just love writing music. If it’s trendy then great. But for me it’s about the experience, the content, how much you can move and touch complete strangers and overall leave a musical legacy of your own making.

I have always been interested in life on other planets and the concept of aliens on earth & what they would make of us all which lead me to the tag aliens might make in conclusion; They love. They Hate. They Kill & Pro-create. They work. They Hurt. They pray and play.
I have four dancers ready so that if the track/concept takes off, we can play live and bring an original dance show to fans.
The song was me, my m-audio keyboard and my Mac. (
Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 9.47.58 PM
I come from Waterloo in the center of London but now live in a small village in the Norfolk Countryside called Southery where there is no musical scene whatsoever but all the serenity needed to create.
It’s non-music related but I am a produced Screenwriter, ( Love Me Still ) & Directed a documentary for the NHS about stroke survivors 3 years ago so in a warped way, it’s still WORK, but it’s my fun thing to do.
I create all my own music and videos, with the help of some free download sites like Videoblocks and Videvo as well as utilizing the ideas & enthusiasm of film students wherever possible.
My creative process is similar to my Songwriting and Screenwriting. I get a feel, a vision and then once those first few bars/pages kick in the process becomes organic – although i’ll try and push the envelope to the best of my imagination/budget.
I am actually very proud of the video for ARRIVAL 5 which I made on a zero budget, so the outcome and reach has humbled me a lot.
But I would be nowhere without my Mac editing suite and the capabilities it brings to the table – especially to someone like myself who is untrained in all production techniques.
Marketing for ARRIVAL 5 took a slightly different slant. I worked the usual platforms but with this debut Video i used Music Dish China to expose my work to another part of the world and that seemed increase it’s popularity. Not being tied to a label and working on a limited release budget, getting as big a reach as possible for my work is pretty hard, but I am satisfied in what I have achieved so far and I haven’t yet had to sell the shoes I’m wearing.
I am a novice on the subscription side of things, but If you subscribe to ScribeyM on You Tube for instance I hope you will experience an interesting audio and visual journey with eclectic images that melt together by good editing to keep the viewer interested.
M.I.L. (Made In London)

M.I.L. is exactly that; he was Made In London and after being brought up in the centre of the Capital he now lives in the leafy Norfolk countryside, whilst bringing his urban inner city roots to a new and eclectic mix of dance genre and concept;
ARRIVAL 5 is the debut dance single from M.I.L. which is an EDM/Trance track that encapsulates the concept; 5 beings arrive on earth and relay back what human life is like in the form of music and dance.
ARRIVAL 5 is due for release on all major download platforms on July 6.
M.I.L. is a self taught musician and multi instrumentalist. He is also a produced screenwriter/director and published songwriter.
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