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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW GIGI RAE
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio


Interviewing: Gianna Sacchetti

I am definitely excited about what’s to come….
I am currently heading into my senior year at Ursinus College where I attend via academic and athletic scholarships so I am stretched to the max right now. My new song “She’ll Be Fine” will be released very soon and I am so looking forward to sharing it. It tells a story about what every girl feels at some point in her life. After it is released I believe the sky’s the limit.


 I am from Galloway, NJ..
which is just outside of Atlantic City and an hour from Philadelphia and two hours from NYC, this diversity has been so helpful to me developing my own style. My hometown has some local bars and casinos that offer every kind of music imaginable and my small college town offers me the chance to see young talented college students in local bars and clubs.

Music business…
I want to be clear when I say that I have no experience with the music business except for the limited time I have spent recording at FridayPop Café. Since then I have had such positive feedback from radio stations all over the world. In Canada “No Distance No Divide” hit number 8 on the Radio Indie Alliance it also climbed steadily to number 8 on DE NED Top 40 in the Netherlands and I have done several interviews on radio stations in Europe and the US. So far my experience has been only positive. I absolutely love the business. I am sure I will come across the cons but I’m ready to face them head on.


Song: No Distance No Divide
Music Genre : Pop
When I was 17 I had the opportunity to record a song and shoot a video for a song that my mother and I wrote together called “I’ll Wait”. Shortly after I put the song on youtube I was contacted by producer/songwriter Jack Chicago from FridayPop Café. He had been waiting to record “No Distance No Divide” and he thought I’d be perfect for it. The song is about the power of love and that no matter the distance, nothing can keep you from the people that you love. I understand that first hand as I am a college student and am away from my family and loved ones during the school year.



I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
Honestly, I would love 5 minutes alone with the Kardashian family…I mean come on, we all need to know what it’s REALLY like to be them.

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