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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW KATIE DIX
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

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I currently reside in Los Angeles, California…
where the music scene is extremely dynamic. You can take a walk down the famous Sunset Strip and find just about anything. There are so many live music venues available which is great. There is always something for everyone and you never run out of venues to explore. I love going out to support the musical arts. We are a community and by everyone showing support to their fellow musicians keeps us positive and inspired.

The music industry is…
hard and definitely not for everyone. Staying positive with constant rejection can be tough. But, it is all I know. I hear a lot of people throwing around the word “thick skin” and it could not be more true.

The pros about the music industry…
Definitely advancement in technology. I can make music from anywhere and reach the entire world or a selected demographic in a matter of minutes.

The cons…
Well, again I would say technology. Anyone can purchase a inexpensive computer, microphone, and musical instrument and record a song. On top of that, with services such as YouTube, iTunes, and Instagram reach millions of listeners around the world. This makes the industry that much more competitive.



Song: Second Best
Music Genre : Country
The song “Second Best” just kind of came flying out of my mouth and onto my phone recorder while I was driving home from an event. I wrote the entire song in about 30 minutes just after I hung up the phone with my best friend. She was going through a bad break-up. My friend makes terrible choices in men that would not treat her right and always put her second. Eventually, she put her foot down and said enough is enough! I don’t even think she knows the song is about her.


My writing is…
a mixture between country with an influence of rock and blues. I really like the hard hitting drums on my single “Second Best”. However, my next song I just recorded is much more laid back and groovy. I think It just depends on what mood I’m in, or how much whiskey I’ve had.



I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
I have two people that I would love to have a sit down with. First, Scott Borchetta with Big Machine Records, LLC. His whole life has been dedicated to music and he is extremely talented. Scott is at the forefront of the music industry and a legendary innovator. The country music industry would not be where it is today without him. On top of that he as mentored numerous artist, even some from American Idol. Five minutes would not be enough since I have a bazillion questions.

Shania Twain. She has such a wonderful and long lasting career not only in the country realm but the pop genre as well. I grew up watching her! She always knew how to push the boundaries without being too provocative or upsetting any of her fans. Her songs are catchy, she hardworking, and the epitome of class. I would love to thank her for changing the game for female country artist and ask her what projects she is currently working on. Maybe I would ask her if she would consider taking me under her wing.

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