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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW ABSOLOOT
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio


I feel music is beginning to go back to its roots..
I’m seeing more, and more artist pay attention to their lyrics and making it a point to say something impactful. I love seeing artist be free when it comes to writing. I feel that’s truly what makes an artist great not relying on the industry to determine the things that are important to you as an artist. I also love that us indie artist are able to reach out to bloggers, indie radio, streaming services, and podcast to get our music featured and played. I feel it’s easier now a days to get music out there.


The Truth…
This song is about the political system and how society sometimes turns a blind eye to what’s going on. This song is the first song Absoloot has done with his brother The Captain. Although Absoloot has been doing music for over 12 years and this is the first time he’s come together with his brother to begin discussing politics in America. They are off to a great start together. With the first release they been able to get radio play on 98.5 FM in Orlando.

With this single Absoloot is looking to begin the discussion on some of the issues this country is now facing. From race, inequality, women’s rights, bullying, etc… Some of these issues can be hard to talk about, but Absoloot feels music makes things a bit easier for people to open up. The song “The Truth” combines hip hop and poetry without any profanity in hopes the listener isn’t offended by the wording and pays attention to the content.



Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Absoloot resides in Fort Lauderdale Florida. The music scene in South Florida is mainly made up of party music. The club scene is very big so a lot of artist indie and major stick to mainstream music.



Inspired by Stevie Wonder…
Stevie Wonder has always been my favorite artist. I love the way he views the world through his music. As a writer lyrics standout to me more than anything else in the music and Stevie Wonder has such an amazing way with words. I feel I could learn a lot from 5 min alone with him. I’ve been listening to him my whole life so that would be amazing for me.

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