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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW JV & TEEJ
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

JV & Teej with Stay Fresh Records


NY City…
We represent Schenectady, NY, a City that once was known to “Light and Haul the World” with G.E. and AMCO being founded in our hometown. The music scene is full of cover bands that cater to a popular crowd, with very few acts attempting original sounds. This gives us the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, and offer a unique and original element to the scene. Firestone 151 has been a great musical outlet, and home to many of our performances, as well as being a huge supporter of local acts.

Tribe said it best rule 4080….
We have had our run ins with the label types, and the manager types, but have learned that the only people we can trust to best represent our interests our is ourselves. We honestly make music that we enjoy, and then try to share it with everyone. Hate it or love, at least it real and its us.

 I would use my 5 minutes with Diddy…
JV: He has had a huge influence on the the biz, and after 25 years is still relevant in the industry, as well as an entrepreneur that continues to thrive on all levels.

Teej: I would pick Dr. Dre, and use my five minutes to make 1 beat with him. Dre is not only a business mogul, he still makes beats and tracks that are timeless, and will be good as long as people have ears.

Turn it Up… 
The song is about turning up all aspects of your life, not just the music. It represents the idea to pursue your dreams and be relentless when aiming for any goal. Originally we wrote a hook called “Just for Love” and the concept was more about our love of the music, and our struggle in the business, but chose to make the concept a bit lighter to match the up tempo vibe the track represented.

We love to perform..
and this track really brings out the performers in us. It is our fastest track to date at 103 BPM, and represents more of a party vibe than a traditional hip-hop bed. It’s one those songs that gets you pumped to hang with friends, or get the weekend started, but still has depth in the lyrical content.




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