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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW BDC
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Brandon Dane Cordova aka BDC

The “147 Life Mixtape & EP” is straight up 100, it’s honest, and all about getting shit off my chest. I’ve recorded dozens of singles but the “147 Life Mixtape and EP are my first 2 projects so I’m still finding my voice and flow. When people listen to it I really hope they pay attention to what I have to say. I came from that lifestyle, the dark place where there’s little to no hope. I’ve been homeless not knowing or having an address.

BDC where my next dollar is coming from and when I do find some loot do I use it to get high or do I use it to eat. I’ve had my ups too. Buying, using and selling heroin I found myself running for La Raza Cartel, picking up cars in California and dropping em off in Salt lake pays pretty well. Along with running around Salt City all day long selling grams of cocaine and heroin for $300 a day with no drivers license, but as we all know the ups don’t last for long.

Left Hand Girl…
is one of my first track I ever wrote. This track is very much a true story about a turning point in my life. It represents 2 very different adventures in my life. The hook represents “her” the rap game. If I treat her right there’s no telling how far we can take this thing. Also how I feel like I finally found my path, my light, my direction. The first verse represent where I’m at now in my music career. The second half of the track represents my life before “her”. My addiction to heroin, money, sex, and my day to day life style as a dope dealer/junkie. My credentials if you will.

I try to go into every track the same way. I’m always honest about what I write about and how I get my message across to any ears that are open to listen.

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I live In Ogden, Utah. ..
I know I know lol… Utah. It’s not like the stories I’m sure you hear about though. I’m very proud to be from and represent such a beautiful place. The music scene in Utah is crazy. The people of Utah love music but its festival band type of music. The hip hop scene is different. There’s not a lot of support from anyone that’s not family or a good friend and even then there’s a lot of hate. I’m not like that at all so I have a hard time understanding why people do the thing they do. I learned to keep to myself and just focus on what I have to do for my family.


Music business…
I love music, from 60’s rock to the trap rap today I love it all. For me the business side is what I’m studying. I’m definitely finding out the cons right away. The music business is a hard to get into plus money doesn’t come easy either.


The pro is I feel like I have an advantage. I pulled myself out of a lifestyle that very few people survive. Without talking about how I got out of all that bullshit I quit an 8 year heroin addiction cold turkey, I laid on my moms couch dying from withdrawals not being able to eat or drink anything for 7 days. When I pulled myself off my moms couch I weighed 120lbs, all skin and bone. With the help of my family I completed a 60 day rehab program, enrolled at Weber State University and studied music, gained 80lbs of muscle, I hand built a studio in a storage unit with a coupe friends, worked a full time job and produced music every day.


Two years clean and I finally felt like I conquered my demons then the worst thing that could have happened, happens. My brother died from the same addiction I worked so hard to get away from. Nic Neal ( My brother ) was the most influential person in my life. The reason I am who I am. I lost me when he died but I stayed sober and kept pushing because that’s what he would’ve told me. He was so proud of my sobriety and my number one fan of my music. So as far as the music business goes, should be easy compared to the shit I been through… Right?


I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
Rick Ruben man with out a doubt! Not only just to meet a music God and the man that’s changed the music game forever but to pick his brain for 5 min would be priceless.

From 80’s artist like T La rock to today’s Yelawolf, Rick Ruben has seen so many styles. Hands down he’s the most important producer of the last 20 years. Creating one of the top major labels from the ground up. Not to mention his versatility in music genres from punk to hip hop to funk to rock he’s seen it all and done it all. I want to be like Rick Ruben when I grow up. I dream about Rick Ruben signing me lol.


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