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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW HOLLOW
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Music Industry…
Our feelings towards the business have been up and down with every new detail we learn on this journey. We feel overwhelmingly hopeful, its encouraging in this social media age to see just how quickly life can change if you work hard and keep your head right.

We can’t wait to step out of our element and tell a great story moving forward. We would love to show how different influences have effected our own music.

I’d personally myself like to spend 5 minutes alone with Chance…
I do have to mention my answer probably varies by day considering mood but Chance is on fire in a way that I completely admire and hope to mimick in a way in the future. His dedication and loyalty to Chicago and its surrounding area is truly inspiring to me, a kid from a factory town like Pontiac, that’s turned to a broken down shell of itself as ive aged, I envision coming home and helping as much as I can. Also his energy is contagious and I feel like the ideas we could bounce off of each other would be epic. He’s very willing to draw inspiration from many sounds and I myself am the same way. I grew up a fan of almost every genre and try every day to blend that into my own sound.

The music…
You can expect our everything simply, this upcoming project we’ve been working on is by far our most personal and intimate work thus far in our career. We began working about six months ago and haven’t stopped since writing numerous songs a day at times. This is a project that we intend to change our lives with. We’ve stepped out of elements and leaned on old tricks to create a beautiful work of art that we as a group are extremely proud of, and we just cant wait for the world to hear it. You can expect pain, triumph, good vibes, hard times, personal experiences, goals, failures, all packed into a rap project that I feel is relatable to everyone that is gonna come across it, in one way or another.

I go by Hollow…
and I’m one third of The Ill Vibe Tribe, a hip hop group from Michigan. My brothers in arms for this crazy ride go by Shepp and Nick Richards, and we’ve been writing music together on and off since 2012. The song Is simply titled “UP” and you can listen to it exclusively on our soundcloud profile. The song is about wanting something and having the nerve to take it and it really embodied our mindset at the time we wrote it.

The hook actually came to me while I was hiding out in my car at my landscaping job, and I remember showing Shepp and Nick they just ran with it and it set us on our way towards our upcoming project. I remember we had went to a studio to record it and my nerves being shot because, this was our first song I’d attempted to sing on and after a dispute over the use of autotuning my voice, we decided to produce the song ourselves in Shepps bathroom. You can find the song by following this link.



As previously stated we hail from Michigan about an hour outside of Detroit. It goes without saying the music scene is and has been alive. Legends in every genre and some really great local acts have shaped our slice of paradise into a breeding ground of artists. The venues like The crofoot locally has hosted artists like G Eazy downtown and the nightclub scene is pretty strong with a few joints to hit up on the weekends.

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