Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW MC VIT
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Music Industry…
I think that the World Music business is very different, there are so many unknown talents in each country of the world. Music has no borders and what’s most important thing it has no limits. You can perform, influence others, be proud that people are heard, respect your hard work.

The pros are that with a help of social networks, people can find you, help you to promote your music, think with one mind with you. so that the audience would describe it as a hit.

The cons is that it is hard to start being in music business, you need to have understanding of how to record the sounds and put the right words, so that the audience would describe it as a hit. I think it’s even more psychologically, this is where you think not only about yourself.

Official release date for the track 17th of March..

The Song was recorded in spring time, I wanted to let people know , that it’s a time of love, people unite with each other, to give all my personal energy and motivation to go ahead , live happily, understand, that there is no splitting in world nations. The most important thing in my mind was to reach people, who are frustrated, socially unactive, to make them believe that they still can do a lot in this life and be happy around their families, brothers and sisters.

The song was recorded in Riga, which is a capital of a country, named Latvia. This is where I am originally from. I decided to people, which live in capital suburbs, look ahead in the sky and breath in more fresh air, then often around the “concrete jungle” they live around.

The music…
From my new music track you can expect a lot of energy, my life understanding, the things that I care and worry about every day. The great thing about my track is that it comes with everyday life activities of simple people. Whether you are in a shop, fitness club, swimming pool, or just walking in the park with your girlfriend, never forget that the nation is here to help you. The special thing about this music track is that it meant to be heard all over the world, people can succeed a lot when they unite.

I would love to get 5 minutes alone with rapper Jay-Z….
I admire his strength, time planning, how he unites the nation with his songs.


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