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Episode #431: A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax :

by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio


Jason Caldwell…
ever since I got transferred with my day job to another city I have not had a band due to time restraints but this has not stopped me from making music. In fact, I feel it has connected me more to my music and allowed me to put more focus in on creation. I love that by having my own studio so I can work when I’m most inspired and be much more flexible as I build my fan base. I primarily use pro-tools in my production and definitely have my favorites I use to express myself.

Music Business…
You know I don’t really have any feelings about it. I am just a regular guy, I mean I have no real expectations on anything here. Listen, I love music first. Would I love to earn a ton of money doing it? Absolutely!!!!! but I know what the reality is. The market is flooded.

Anyone can release anything these days. There’s nothing wrong with that but the market is flooded with artists and songs. A needle in the hay stack is probably not even close to what the real reality is. There are so many way to get your music heard that it’s almost impossible in a way to really have it heard because of how flooded it is with people.

I also think that’s a good thing. The music needs to go to the people again. I would love people to hear music that wasn’t fed to them. There are so many great acts that will never be heard.

Inspired by…
Dave Mustaine. Well, besides the fact I like his new beer I would have to say he’s just an icon. I always looked up to him. The riffs he plays while singing I have always admired.

Forbidden Lies Sinful Eyes…
if you think about it you can understand what it is about. Of course, it’s about betrayal. It’s also about getting back up, finding closure and moving on. There was nothing different about this song than any other I have done. I just sat down one day and it came to me. I wrote and recorded this in less than a day, thats how I do 95% of my material.

I am constantly trying to release new material…
I was waiting to complete an entire album but with everything digital including sales, why wait to release? I can record a song and within a couple of days it be on iTunes. I think it’s cool to get people new material often on the regular basis.

I am now living in Atlanta GA. I grew up in Alabama, Mobile and Baldwin County. That is home. I played in a couple of bands there. One band titled Eclipse played for Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruises. We played on 8 Different ships traveling the world and having a good time. The other band was Mr. Meaner. We were a hard rock band playing originals and covers throughout Alabama and Mississippi. Mr. Meaner released one full album “Drinking Again” and one EP “Bleed”. That is available all over the internet “iTunes”.



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