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Episode #432: A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax :

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW BOBBY CARAWAY
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Mr. Country (Gold Dollar Music)


The Man from Texas…
The song is about a good friend of mine, Boxcar Willie (The Old Hobo). Back in the 1980s, I learned that my good friend, Boxcar Willie, had terminal leukemia. I wanted to do something very special for him, so I wrote the song, The Man from Texas in his honor. After I performed it live at his theater in Branson, Missouri, I then went to Nashville, signed a recording contract with Sun Records, and recorded on the ten-song CD of the same name, The Man from Texas, which was released on Plantation Records, another Sun Record label.

The music…
You can expect to hear both country and rockabilly music on my album, The Man from Texas. What is very special to me about this album, and how I wanted it to come across to people, is in appreciation to my fans who requested and bought my older albums, and supported me in my music career. When I cut the album, I strived to achieve this effect; I worked hard for my fans for them to love this album.

I live in a north Austin, Texas suburb called Cedar Park. Austin, Texas is known to be the “Live Music Capital of the World” and certainly lives up to that name. Some of the more popular places in Austin for great country and rockabilly music are The Broken Spoke, The Continental Club, The Midnight Rodeo, and in the Austin area, The Cotton Club. There are many others, of course. Austin is the home of Austin City Limits, and one of the biggest annual music events in the country, South by Southwest (SXSW).

I love being in the music business..
I have been in the music business all my life. I have been fortunate to spend my life doing the things I love best, and making a good living. I have been inducted into two Halls of Fame–The Rockabilly Hall of Fame and The Traditional Country Music Hall of Fame—of which I am very proud and feel blessed.

Being able to tour with superstars, such as the late greats David Houston, Boxcar Willie, Waylon Jennings, Ray Price, Carl Perkins, and the fact that I personally knew Elvis Presley and had several occasions to visit with him through the years has been my greatest thrill. My brother, Terry, and I were very fortunate to be a regular on the Lee Ross Show in San Bernardino, California, and were fortunate to be able to sing back-up with the late great Jim Reeves on his hit, Four Walls. I also was so thrilled to be able to perform at The Wildwood Flower in Branson, Missouri with my good friend, the mighty Merle Haggard and his band. We also performed in Yuma, Arizona on a couple of occasions with Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash. Great memories.

The hardest thing about the music business is having to say farewell to the entertainers that you knew and grew to love over the years when they passed away. One of the hardest things was spending so much time away from my family on the road touring. There were times when I lived some Sunday Morning Sidewalks Coming Down.
Inspired by…
If I had five minutes alone to talk with someone I greatly admire, it would be Hank Williams. As a songwriter, I would love to discuss his song writing and what inspired him to write his songs. His style of writing had a great effect on me becoming a songwriter also.