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Episode #435: A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax :

by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Artist: Michael Killen

We currently reside in Columbia, TN, this is 30 min south of Nashville, Tennessee aka Music City. The industry has changed so much but I’m enjoying the demands of the public for more authenticity online. I feel like mainstream music sometimes lacks the dimension of the past decades of music. With my new label and music production company I hope to create music that encourages more love in the world.  I feel lucky that I have a solid background in music and film production. 

I feel the Music Business is…
tough and really about who you know. The pros I have is the ability to create my own music and put it out independently. The cons is getting results take a lot of effort and networking.

I would love to spend 5 mins with Jay Z. I love his style and business making decisions. Kirk Flanklin inspires me as well. I love his gospel music and inspiring words.

Feelin You-
The Story: It started when I met my wife, It happened suddenly, from the first moment I saw her I felt she was the one for me. We dated about 10 months and got married..Once married I wanted to give her my best gift and it was music. The song Feelin You was the second single released from the album. This is a song about how I’m so attracted to her and how I’m feeling about her. When I wrote and produced the song, I wanted it to be soulful and expressive. I literally produced the track and got on the mic, no lyrics…just sang from my heart.

The goal is to bring real love songs back to the world especially dealing with so much hate. Love is our journey and we want to share it with the world!

 Feelin You