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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW SWILLY
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio


Music Business…
I find myself underestimating the amount of work required to address the many needs in this business. In my opinion most of the business side has little to do with music and the creative process which I love. At times it feels to have more of an association with branding and understanding the many social media platforms followed by best practices to utilize them. This has been a steep learning curve for me and I have a great deal respect for those who have found success in this business. That being said I love playing live or creating something new that brings a sense of joy or emotion that only music can do. It’s that love of music  that drives me to continue not fame or commercial value but a big stack of cash would not be frowned upon. Why? Because poverty sucks man and opportunities for being a man whore are quickly drying up!

God, I would like 5 minutes with God….
To have all the secrets of the universe and the music that rocks it so. Not possible, well I think that my second choice would be Chad Kroeger of NickelBack because of his reputation of hard work. There are many talented people out there but not to many with his work ethics. I have met Chad at one his concerts but I only had a few moments to chat with him. So a chance to learn the many lessons he has worked through in the business would be a great experience.


Who Says…
was written based on societies version of the norm or what is expected as the norm. The song suggests we examine how we view one of the most precious things we have in our life, time. There are references of how in our youth we rebel against those norms and how time is to be used. The loss of those freedoms is the core of the song. Interesting that as adults we expect or train our children to give these things up so freely with little weight given to finding a balance between adult obligations and living your dream.

As with all of my songs…
it was written and recorded in my home studio. Which consists of a Mac, some hardware and my musical instruments. About a year and half ago I bought a Mac and set out to learn the recording software. Last October (2016) I released my first song. I have been writing and releasing about 3-5 songs a month since that time. As a side note my alcohol consumption seems to be matching my studio time. Weird?

The only thing you can expect from my music is a strange need to find a drink and maybe some therapy. The music is somewhat of an experiment to me, kind of like my first wife. Almost all of my lyrics are based on having fun and often have several underlying messages in them.

I have pretty low expectations from those who listen to my music and I feel satisfied just to see them smile and a give a nod of approval. I only hope the fan mail exceeds the hate mail. (Billy if you’re reading this I know you hate me and I get your angry over your wife following my one town tour but stop texting big dick pics ok. I can tell it’s not yours man, you’re white dude.)

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