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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW DARK RAIN
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Interviewing: Dudley Leavitt, Kelleigh Richards


We are from Brunswick, Maine…
Many great local musicians and bands but sadly there is not much of a local music scene which is why we play lots of our gigs out of state. Locally in Maine the best clubs are Asylum which has been rebranded Aura in Portland, the Empire, Genos Maine best dive bar, and over in Westbrook there is a great little club called Live @ 212, the owner Allen Moore is old school rock n roll a true music fan and is a true supporter of original music.

We also look forward to two yearly events that happen in our area including “Heard Stock”. Check out our facebook page for more information about upcoming events:

The music business is…
lost in the wilderness, its both the best and worse time to be a musician. You now no longer need a big major label or big studio to make and release your cd. The flip side of that is…

There is no artist development out there like there used to be. Back in the day they would help an artist, grow and build themselves into something if they belived in the artist. Nowadays an artist already has to be doing a lot on their own to draw interest from a label, and honestly if your doing that good on your own why would you need a label at that point.

We have seen the best and worst of this, we have had songs played in the United States, Canada, Spain, Austrailia, Germany, France, Russia and more, but its not like its regular rotation, still hard to crack the programmers at the stations. Again our fanbase is spread all over the world, but sometimes its still hard to get 500 people out to a local show. So its definatly good and bad.

Dudley: My ex drummer to punch him and to thank him for providing the inspiration for many of the songs off the next cd including “The Hate Inside”.

Kelleigh: Joan Jett Shes an icon to me , want to know how she dealt with the pressure of being so young when she started, and how she thinks the business has changed.

Brian: Paul Stanley, Id ask him what makes him continue on after all these years.

Bill: James Hetfield because he inspired me to play music

Get Ready…
The song is about someone who is sick of being walked all over, they’ve gone from depression to anger. They are about to reveal their stronger self. It was the first song recorded for the long road home and featured a distinct departure from Dudley’s previous vocal timber and style. It was recorded at Music Center Studios by Jerry Perron.

Watch the video:

The Long Road Home was about the journey…
back to where you started, a reconviening of the minds. After making a name for ourselves years ago then splitting apart Dudley decided to bring the original players back from the far flung places life had sent them. The Cage is a good example of the feeling of reunion.

The New Cd as yet untitled is darker and thematically is similar to Fleetwood Macs Rumours, with songs about betrayal”Shades of August” “The Hate Inside” , the breakdown in relationships”Skit” and the real life struggle and survival story of singer Kelleigh Richards near death at the hands of her former boyfriend “Nevermore” the one funny departure is “40 oz” a blues driven comedy infused number which is a crowd pleaser live.

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