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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Interviewing: David A. DerMinasian (Lead and rhythm guitar)
Retched pronounced: {recht’}
Not: wretched


Music industry…
I feel that these are the golden years for being in the music business but getting your music all around the world isn’t easy. It’s a painstaking process because if you have a micro budget like me, you can only afford one magazine or radio entry a month. Because I have a family to support and a fulltime job with 40+ hrs a week and a ton of bills than I’m spending valuable time I need for practicing and trying to maintain a family stuck on the computer trying to make valuable connections. It makes me feel bad not giving my family the attention they deserve now but I’m still chugging along. It’s exhausting doing all the entries and answering back emails and follow ups I wish I had a mega budget where money is no object then I could pay an army to promote and run ads in every publication on earth and I could rest more. Soon that might change. All that aside though when my new remastered version comes I’m going to blow the doors off it with a little help from my friends.

Well that’s a pretty open ended answer for me I think. I have all kinds of favorite guitar players and equally admired for their skill. I like talking about everything about music and playing music and guitar and bass rigs and there are many famous and not famous players I really look up to and respect and basically any half decent player is good company and any fellow metal head sharing recipes for guitar rigs bass rigs and drums and PA’s and recording gear I love it and if I could I’d submerge myself in music 24/7 every day I’m alive I would. Someday I will but for now it’s a constant battle all uphill but I can be satisfied that right now at this present time I’m gaining ground bit by bit.
Black leather and me…
is about a true metal band who is playing shows and touring and basically tearing up the stage night after night relentlessly. It’s about being free and living life to the fullest and not giving up and not giving in either.

The music…
Expect a hard driving Metal sound from the “Old School” What’s so special about this record to me is the fact that back in the mid 1980’s there was no internet and no self promo tools at our disposal and because we were governed by a total idiot we never went anywhere and by the end of the year 1988 we were so fed up with our idiot management we just parted ways and never spoke again.

I still had my old cassette of this album we cut and I would take it out every so many 5 – 10 years and reminisce about what we had and what a shame we let it die all the while wrapping it back up in a heavy metal bandana keeping it safe in the archive spot a drawer in the house. Then I realized that with today’s technology I can post it up and deliver it to the world. So I did! Less than two months later after I released my digital format, I get this mysterious email from none other than the man himself Emmanoel Emmanouilidis the owner of Alone Records from Thessaloniki Greece and he took me under his wing and offered me a contract and all the support I could ever ask for he’s awesome so naturally I agreed and didn’t look back and don’t care too. So we are almost done remastering this EP and I can tell you our engineer George Aspiotis owner of Studio Aspiotis in Athens Greece. He really did a very fine job at re-mastering all the audio very impressive I say.

Our CD’s…
should be ready soon and the Vinyl’s will take longer of course they are harder to make and it depends on where you’re at in rotation with everyone else in front of you. “With all that said, It proves one thing”: “You can’t kill the metal it’s a living breathing entity deep within and if you keep trying someday doors will open”! I will be producing a new record within the next 18 months it’s going to be harder louder and up in your faces I guarantee for the last four years I have been trying to release this and also produce my new album but lack of work and money scarce because I was an oilfield construction worker. But now I got steady work at the Borax mine as a Millwright and now I’m putting things in order one by one soon moving into my new house and building my studio and it’s on. It’s been a long time coming believe me so you bet I totally appreciate every minute of life and the journey!

I live in the south edge of Kern County next to Lancaster and Palmdale ca. The next county over is Los Angeles. The scene out there is live. Probably the hottest place for music compared to where I’m living, is Los Angeles Ca. and San Bernadino county Ca. and Riverside County Ca. they have the Cochela fest every year in Cochela Ca. It’s awesome they know how to party!

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