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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW IZZY SHAE
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Ultimately I feel like a creative soul. I try not to label my music because it’s a reflection of my feelings at the current moments when I’m creating. I do think that I’m influenced by my past both in feelings, experiences and music that I grew up with. My Mother used to listen to a lot of 80’s R&B soul. It just feels familiar and can’t help but influence my sound.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
Tyler the creator. He was the first person to make me believe that you dont have to fit in, or do anything to fit in, Just be you. Listening to him, I could always tell he was happy & confident in his craft. Even if everybody thought a track by him was trash he still stood by his work. Even though his music isn’t the most uplifting, seeing him in concert, and watching his interviews outside of his music he was a cool down to earth guy. His music is very diverse and doesn’t to relate to any other artist which inspired me to think outside the box when it came to my music.

My music is aimed to bring peace to others and peace to the world. It’s some-what jazzy with a mellow feel and good vibes. Good energy. 
Song : Get Comfortable
Music Genre : Neo-Soul

It’s about how you shouldn’t ever get comfortable with the things in life. Everything is temporary, nothing will ever stay the same. So don’t get caught up in temporary things.



I Currently live in Greensboro, North Carolina…
but was raised in Pittsboro,NC . Most of my career began in Pittsboro. I was an small country town that nobody ever heard of. The music scene was empty. Yeah, you had your rappers that did music and was good at it, but the chances for even a performance was slim to nothing. Greensboro is different. Greensboro had alot more variety of artist. I’ve met artists from rock vocalist to opera singers. The variety is amazing. But with my personal experience the chances of actually getting into the top bracket of the city is slim. Personally, I feel like in greensboro if your not from here or know people from the area your not gonna buzz.


The music business is straight…
Alot of BS and loop holes. Some pros I have experienced is meeting tons of people and different artist collaborations. My Cons are people will BS you for whatever they feel like it. I’ve had many bad experiences with people willing to sign me. They underestimate your knowledge and try to rip you off. But its just business.

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