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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW JAZZY D
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Interviewing: Daron Elliott


The upcoming EP:
Jazzy D is currently working on a number of personal projects which include a Jazz Fusion EP which i am looking to release around October time 2017, I am also working on my Soul Album which is full of Quality artists which i am looking to release sometime early 2018.
My Album will be a mixture of soulful tracks along with a couple of deep south African soulful house tracks, and a couple of soulful Hip-hop tracks . I am hoping to release the Album on Vinyl then possibly on cd. I am really exited about the prospect of my album being released on Vinyl this way I can give people a quality product and aim the album at true soulful Vinyl junkies 🙂


The Music business..
has definitely changed over the past 20 years , I would have to say that the pros would be that the internet has definitely made it easier to produce music with a variety of quality musicians at your finger tips, 20 years ago this wouldn’t have been possible with out travelling around the world at great expense trying to locate and find musicians that would fit a project that you are working on, but today at the flick of a mouse you can find and listen to so many musicians work online and then easily contact them and talk about working together. So producing music has become a lot easier in respect of Putting a team together. That still doesn’t mean you dont have to work to produce a quality track , most of my tracks have taken at least 1 year in the making from the first initial kick drum beat right up to the Mastering of the track, to produce quality you still have to work at it :).

The cons would have to be the fact that most music listeners around the world today would rather pay a streaming company a small fee each month to stream as much music as they like, which for the artist doesn’t compute into much money in return for 1 years worth of hard work & a lot of money in producing that track, After paying musicians and artists and sound engineers and mastering your track i would say that most quality made tracks would cost at least $5000 – $8000 AUD to produce from start to finish, so in order to make your money back you have to hope that people not only stream your music but purchase it also,Which is becoming harder and harder .


Song name: WONDER
Music Genre: Soul , Smooth Jazz
It’s a kind of love song about a woman who is always thinking about her mystery man, who drives her crazy in her head. The music was first written here in Perth at my home studio back in 2015 but sat around waiting for the right artist to sing on it. Then I worked with Kenya on one of my podcasts exposing hers and other quality independent artists music. It was then that I knew Kenya would have the perfect vocal tone to fit my track . So I sent her the music which at the time was just a basic neo-soul drum track with some neo-soul Rhodes i was playing. And Kenya told me that she loved it and would love to write the lyrics and sing on it for me . So the rest is history it basically took 2 years in the making until release date of 1st April 2017.

It Has reached the # 2 spot on MI-Soul connoisseurs UK soul chart And also currently #5 in the official UK SOUL chart. And is currently sat at #4 in the world Independent soul charts



I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
I would love to have Michael Jordan,Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Mike Tyson , Jamiroquai all around for a dinner party at the same time these are people that have inspired me through out my life so far, whether it be through music or everyday life issues and of course i would have my Mum who sadly suddenly passed away at the age of 50 who i loved and admired so much, she would be there to keep the guests under control 🙂

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