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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

“Music allows me to do what I love, but have a lot of obstacles with my age being so young.”¬† I love meeting new people and writing music especially on social media. I’m home schooled so it’s easier for me to promote my music and work at perfecting my craft.


I live in Marlow, Oklahoma…
which is South-Central Oklahoma. There are a lot of musicians just really not a lot of places to play or perform. We have a very small town feel where everyone knows each other so I use the internet to develop my main fan base.


Song: No Limit On Love
Music Genre : Country/Americana
It was written by Bobby Fischer. The man who wrote the number one song “You Lie” by Reba. It was given to me by my producer and my parents thought it was a great song that fit where I live in Oklahoma.

In my music…
you can expect the sound of new country with a classic feel and it has everything from an old style of country to a little bit of pop country. Just a little bit for everyone.




Reba is the person I would love to spend some time with. She is really down to earth and a great role model. She has faced so much adversity and never let that change her. She is not afraid to try anything. Her music has stayed true country throughout the years and you can hear the emotion in every song.

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