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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

As an Artists…
I’m here to entertain but I believe you have to pick your battles and stay authentic. Balancing what your fans want to hear and what you feel the need to create is a mindful line I walk. Words have power subconsciously. What you say reflects and manipulates your actions. 

How do you silence the doubts…
I look at everything as a learning experience and I know who I am. Instead of letting myself slide into a situation where I let others hold me back, I seek to surround myself with positive energy.  Walk with purpose instead of pride. I strive to make music for myself first and just be authentic


Song name: I Know
Music Genre: Pop
I’m a romantic at heart and when I heard the instrumental I just knew this song had to be a love song. The message of the song is taking a relationship to the next level, but on a deeper level. It’s not the whole “I think she likes me” or “I hope she likes this” kind of song. It’s “I know she likes me” and “I know what she wants” stated as a fact. Not a spur of the moment kind of thing.

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The music…
Fresh beats and dope lyrics. I approach every new song like it will end up on my greatest hits. I’m looking at long term goals. I want to be up there with the greats, earn their respect and call them my peers. Working with Big Duke on “I Know” has opened my eyes. I believe that I can go to the top. The feedback that I’ve received from this single is making me want to do more with my voice and take more risks with my sound.

I live in Arizona...
We have a lot of talented, overlooked, artists out here from the more known to the up and coming. Some areas are more established than others. The music scene out here is always growing and evolving.

Music Business..
Music saved my life and it’s such a powerful platform. I’m honored to say I get to make music as a career. Having the ability to create art, to create a mood, or tell a story is almost magical in that sense. But it is more than being creative and giving an energetic performance, you have to approach this like a business. Here’s what I mean, you have to constantly advertise and market yourself like any brand. With all that work promoting yourself you have to take a like, a view, a follow, and convert it into record sales. That is the real grind of the music industry.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
Childish Gambino to pick his brain on how he makes unique music. He is one of the few artists that can rap and sing with such a wide range. I feel my music is heading in somewhat of the same direction as his.

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