Jessica Meuse

‘Love Her Better’ is written about a cheating ex-boyfriend. He made me so mad that the lyrics, “I hope you love her better, better than you love me,” just came to me, along with, “She deserves you and you deserve nothing at all,” which I think is one of the strongest lines in the song.

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Band Name: Jessica Meuse
Song name: Love Her Better
Music Genre: Country


Jessica Meuse is from Slapout, Alabama. She has wowed audiences since the age of ten and plays several instruments (guitar, piano and classical violin). At 20, Jessica won the statewide artist showcase, Stars of Alabama. A spot on Season 3 of NBC’s The Voice followed, where she made it to the blind auditions, along with being part of Vans Warped Tour. In 2014, Jessica was selected by American Idol’s judges Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick, Jr. for Season 13 of the TV series where she ended up a Top 4 National Finalist. She became the first person in the history of Idol to perform her own original song ‘Blue-Eyed Lie’ during the finals and joined Idols LIVE Tour, performing in 40+ cities across the USA and Canada.

Currently Jessica is signed to L.A. Entertainment, Inc.’s management division, LA Group Management, and is working with Jim Ervin on her full-length album for 2018 release on Warrior Records. On a personal note, Jessica is a fitness buff, dedicates time to raising awareness about Domestic Violence, Cyberbullying, Children’s Cancer Association, St. Jude and other organizations, while continuing to write, release music and tour.

Jessica tells us the story behind this song…
I created ‘Love Her Better’ because I dated a guy for about four months, which was long enough to see his true colors come out… he thought it was ok to cheat on me with a married lady! I don’t understand some people. Anyway I got locked out of my studio that day, so I had to wait in my car. I decided to write a song and I started thinking about everything this guy had done to me. He made me so mad that the lyrics, “I hope you love her better, better than you love me,” just came to me, along with, “She deserves you and you deserve nothing at all,” which I think is one of the strongest lines in the song.

I mean every word that I’m singing and I’m very proud of this song!

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On the importance of a supportive family… I have to say my family and friends have been the most influential in my music career. They have believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. Mom is the one who got me my first violin, my first guitar. I didn’t have a dime to do it, but she knew how much it meant to me and always supported my dream. When I got mad at myself for not being “good enough” and was frustrated and would quit practicing in my adolescent days.

My family and friends were the forces that always said: “Hey, just keep practicing. You’ll get better,” and “Every virtuoso starts somewhere.”

I don’t think I ever would have had it in me to ACTUALLY quit, but it sure meant a lot to know what a supportive foundation I had back at home. It means even more to me now when I visit Alabama and my family and friends after I’ve been on the road.

Tell us about your song writing process… A lot of times my songs hit me like a train — a general hook and chorus or verse melody — especially if I’m going through something in life that evokes strong emotions, a breakup for instance. Other times I will sit down and pull out a note pad of hooks and lines that I’ve written down as they come to me.

I’ll make myself write just to create something, even if it ends up being one for the vault, never to be heard again.

However, sometimes, having to think really deeply and revisit feelings and experiences from the past can bring a clarity to music and lyrics that I otherwise don’t get with the “freight train” approach. I typically start with a chorus and work in the verses around the main hook. I play guitar and the music just kind of happens as I go.

I live in Slapout, Alabama (just outside of Montgomery) on a 40-acre farm and I spend my time, song writing, recording and performing shows around the country.

Favorite quote… The only place “success” comes before “work” is in the dictionary.

What’s been your focus this last month?
I’ve focused on ME this month. I’ve been working out, eating well and working on getting to the happiest and healthiest I can be, mentally and physically. I’m dedicated to the hustle, and I wrote down a list of all my goals for 2018, as well as the small steps to achieve larger goals. I’ve been reading more, feeding my soul, and just taking care of me for once. Sometimes you just have to get it all straightened out and be alone for a while, and so far it feels pretty great!

Top 3 things you’ve learnt this last year…
1. Chasing your dreams is definitely worth it. I quit my day job to pursue music 200%, and I don’t regret it AT ALL.
2. Don’t worry at all about what other people think — you do you. You’ll be a lot happier with life.
3. Praying helps a hell of a lot (I may cuss like a sailor, but I love Jesus).

What are you most looking forward to this next year?
The release of my full-length album, more touring and a few other major surprises which are coming, but I can’t talk about yet!

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